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Kalim logo.png Kalim Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial Oh! You’re here! I was waiting for you.
Lv Up 1 “I feel like I can do anything now!”
Lv Up 2 “Come see what’s become of my training!”
Lv Up 3 “Hehe, thanks for coming to train with me.”
Lv Up Max “It’s been a long time since I’ve been with you. But there’s still so much I want to know, and things I want you to know… Look at me talking so sincerely! Aha~”
Episode Lv Up “If you ever have something on your mind, you can come talk it out with me whenever you need to! I’ll always make time for you before anything else.”
Magic Lv Up “Looks like my magic keeps getting stronger and stronger. I’m going to test it out now!”
Limit Break “You’ve gone so far for me; I gotta live up to your expectations!”
Groovy “It’s ‘cause you’re here with me that everyday is so much fun! Thank you!”
Lesson 1 “Which class are you going to? It’d be so much fun if we could take one together!”
Lesson 2 “Even subjects you’re not good at can be fun as long as you’re laughing. Practice with me: Hahaha!”
Lesson 3 “If you ever get stuck, don’t worry about needing support. Jamil will help you out too, so stay calm!”
Lesson Start “You can start whenever!”
Lesson End “It’s over~! Let’s have some tea now.”
Battle Start “You wanna fight me? Okay, I’ll accept.”
Battle Win “I won the battle! …Heeey, are you okay?”
Kalim Lesson Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning What’s this about?

I’m still sleepy…
I’ll have to ask Jamil about this later.

Noon I’m gonna teach this to my little brother.

What’s today’s lunch?
That’s an interesting story!

Afternoon I forgot to take notes…

So there was that kind of anecdote…
I want to visit that country!

Great I knew that!

Yeah, no problem!
Jamil taught me that.

Great (New) I used my brain too much…
Perfect I gotta thank Jamil.

My hunch was right!
I can do this sorta thing!

Perfect (New) I heard about this from somewhere.
Special Perfect Headmaster, are you studying too?

The seat next to me is open!
I have to show off here.

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning We can put off the difficult things for later!

This kind of thing is just intuition.
This is harder than riding a carpet.

Noon It’s so refreshing.

I’m hungry~

Afternoon It’ll be fine.

It’s nice that there’s no sandstorms!
Sorry, I bumped into you!

Great How’s that!?

I’m getting the hang of it.
What a nice wind.

Perfect Did that make me look cool?

I can fly better if I were using a carpet.
Ahaha! This is fun.

Special Perfect Are you gonna join us, Headmaster?

Watch me!
I-I’m gonna crash~!

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning That’s an acceptable mistake! Eh, no?

It’s probably fine.
It’ll be okay just to throw things in!
If I remember Jamil would…
Is this different from the example?

Noon I did good.

Don’t worry about it.
Ahaha, I got in trouble.
Oh, an unexpected result.
I’m getting into the groove.

Afternoon I finished! …I think?

I ate so now I’m sleepy.
It’s fine, it’s fine!
Here you go, it’s your turn.
Please go well this time!

Great Want me to teach you too?

This feels good.
Mmn!? It was a success!
It’s fine to put more than necessary in!
It’s just as Jamil said.

Perfect Ahaha, this is hard.

We’re having a banquet tonight!
I’m gonna keep doing more.
Everything is perfect!
This’ll make Jamil super happy too.

Special Perfect Are you worrying about something?

Headmaster, do you want to try?
All right, I’m gonna stay enthusiastic!
It’s difficult to keep an eye out too.
They’re expecting big things from me.

Kalim Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected Guess we’re going with that!

Got it.
Ooh, great!
Leave it to me!
Take it easy!

Buff Don’t push yourself too hard!
Debuff So, what are we going to do from here?
When Attacked Ouch!
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)
From here!

Not yet!

(2nd Turn)

How’s that!?

(1st Turn)
From the first attack!

With all my strength!

(2nd Turn)
I’ll absolutely win!

One more hit!

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)


(2nd Turn)

There we go!

(1st Turn)
You let your guard down, huh?

I’ll show you.

(2nd Turn)
Take that!

I can do this sort of thing too!

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn Please, leave it to me!

I’ll do my part!

2nd Turn Like this too!

I’ll finish this with a bang!

Magic 3 Attacks I’ll make you dance for me!

Now I’m serious!
It’s a party, now dance!
Party’s over!

Kalim Room Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Friendship Level Up Can I come again sometime? Thanks! You should come visit my dorm sometime, too. Me and Jamil’ll totally treat you well!
Friendship Level Max Thanks, as always! I wanna give you something in return, so I’ll send some jewels and clothes over to Ramshackle soon! …Eh, you don’t need it? Then, what do you want?
Invite Good Oooh, this room’s so small and cute!
Great This place has a really fun atmosphere with all the stuff it has~ There’s so many different kinds of styles and colors of furniture, it’s just like a party venue! It kinda makes me want to start dancing!

Excellent I was really surprised when I came into this room. You really got a good eye! I buy furniture often, but I really don’t know how to decorate a room property. It looks like we have the same taste, so you should give me some advice. I bet it would be fun to have a room that looked like this!

Invite (Dorm) Good This room looks like a place that the guys from my dorm would enjoy!
Great This room was inspired by Scarabia, wasn’t it? I can tell just with a quick glance. Since you like it that much, why don’t you join my dorm? If you do that, we can hang out together anytime!

Invited to Room Thanks for inviting me over. It’s just the best to get to hang out at a friend’s place!
Short Idle 1 Hm Humm~
Short Idle 2 You’ve got a pretty nice foyer.
Long Idle I get so excited when I get to come hang out in someone else’s room!
Idle (Theme) Good Yeah, rooms are so much better when they’re super fancy! You think so too, right?
Great I gotta ask my dad to find me some furniture that looks like that.
Excellent White’s fine and all, but a splash of color’s what makes the place look super awesome.
Idle (Dorm) Good Next time I come, I’ll bring something from home to help decorate.
Great Maybe I’ll change up the furniture in my room based on this guest room.
Room Tap 1 I totally love entertaining people too. We’re the same!
Room Tap 2 Hey, think we could make this room bigger? That way everyone can all dance together!
Room Tap 3 Let’s invite a bunch more people over and throw a huge party!
Trouble 1 I didn’t mean to… Thanks for stopping me.
Trouble 2 Sorry! If I hurt you somewhere, let me know.
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Come lean on me anytime if you’ve got something on your mind!”
Groovy “Sing, dance! Ahaha!”
Set Home “Oh, what’s up?”
Home Idle 1 “If you’re not doing anything, maybe you can decide if you’ll come to our next party!”
Home Idle 2 “I know! Come listen to the band club’s performance! What kind of songs do you like?”
Home Idle 3 “Did you bring your textbook with you? Sometimes I forget mine and Jamil gets mad at me. Ehe!”
Home Login “Come on, let’s go! …Wait, I still don’t know what we’re going to do yet. Hahaha! What do you wanna do today?”
Home Tap 1 “Oh, the back of your collar is flipped up. Huh, mine too? Hahaha, you got me!”
Home Tap 2 “You should come to our next party! The more the merrier!”
Home Tap 3 “I’ve been kidnapped more times than I can count on my hands, starting since I was a kid. It doesn’t surprise me most of the time.”
Home Tap 4 “Is something bothering you? Feel free to come talk to me anytime. I’m used to looking after those younger than me.”
Home Tap 5 “Ahahaha, that tickles! Don’t touch me there…! Ahahahaha! Stoooop!!”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I’ll make all your worries disappear.”
Groovy “If you need to let off some steam, come hang out with me!”
Set Home “I’m not that bad at sports.”
Home Idle 1 “When you’re done, how about you come to our dorm? I’ll get some tea ready.”
Home Idle 2 “I used to play games where I’d get all covered in mud with my little brothers, but I don’t really do that anymore. …Oh, if you want to, I wouldn’t mind playing with you!”
Home Idle 3 “We should dance together~ It doesn’t matter to me if you’re still a beginner. ‘Cause the most important thing is that we have fun!”
Home Login “Alright, what do you wanna play right now? We might as well since we’re in our PE uniforms. Let’s do something where we can show off moving all around!”
Home Tap 1 “Hey, are you better at singing or dancing? Whichever one you like better, let’s do it together.”
Home Tap 2 “You gotta take immediate action when you’re hesitating! Don’t try to think about what you want to do, just do all of it!”
Home Tap 3 “Juniors really are so adorable, aren’t they? Next time I go home, I’m going to see all my little siblings again!”
Home Tap 4 “Oh, your PE clothes are a little dirty. Maybe you should buy some new ones?”
Home Tap 5 “Oh, you got me…! My turn to get you back! Come on, don’t run away from me! Ahahaha!”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Are you all ready to have some fun? Alright! Come on and follow my lead! One, two—Happy Halloween!”
Groovy “Grr… Pain shoots through my body whenever I look at the full moon. You better watch your back if you start to hear some howling.”
Set Home Growl! I’m a werewolf now.”
Home Idle 1 “Rook knows a lot about wildlife, and he told me all kinds of things about wolves. It was really useful.”
Home Idle 2 “I always carry around candies this time of year. This way anyone can tell me ‘Trick or treat’ anytime!”
Home Idle 3 “My magic carpet seems pretty excited for Halloween too. I’m competing with it to see who’s the scariest!”
Home Login “A party that everyone’s stoked about—that’s what Halloween is! Let’s have fun together! Growl! Growl!
Home Tap 1 Whine! Grrrrr! Bark! *cough!* “It’s hard trying to sound like a wolf…”
Home Tap 2 “I feel like it’d be so much more exciting if Cater, Lilia, and I dressed up for our band performances. Don’t you think so?”
Home Tap 3 “Jade said his costume is a mummy. If you wore clothes like that in the Land of Hot Sands, you’d get so hot that you might actually turn into one.”
Home Tap 4 “I like this costume; its design is really reminiscent of the Land of Hot Sands. Plus it’s easy to move in. It fits for dressing up as a werewolf.”
Home Tap 5 “Hm? You want to try scaring me? Spare me from any tricks, though. Ahaha!”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Labs? They’re fun and I like them, but I tend to mess them up a lot. Hehe.”
Groovy “Any difficult experiment will be a breeze if we work together!”
Set Home “Alright! Let’s make our lab today a success!”
Home Idle 1 “Apart from never knowing if my experiments will actually work or not, I like Alchemy and Potions.”
Home Idle 2 “Are you good at doing detailed work? Me? Do I look like I’d be good at them? Ahahaha!”
Home Idle 3 “Feel free to drop by Scarabia whenever you feel like it. We’ll always be happy to have you.”
Home Login “Why don’t we be partners for the research project? I can’t promise we’ll do it correctly, but it’ll definitely be fun!”
Home Idle Groovy “Do you cook? Then you should learn some things from Jamil. He’ll teach you all the best recipes!”
Home Tap 1 “You know how our lab coats are white? Stains would really stand out on them. If I stained mine, Jamil would get mad at me.”
Home Tap 2 “There are some classes I struggle with, but that doesn’t mean I hate them. Lots of things are still fun even if you’re bad at them!”
Home Tap 3 “There’s really no need to have to use magic to make your gold and jewels.”
Home Tap 4 “My goggles? For now I’ll be wearing them during our lab. Jamil was telling me very firmly that I had to.”
Home Tap 5 “You keep touching me; did I stain myself somewhere? …No? Then what was that for just now? Hahaha!”
Home Tap Groovy “It’s amazing that you’re so serious about taking your classes. Seeing you makes me wanna work my hardest too. Let’s go to the library together!”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “A ceremony? We should call for a parade and make it big and bold!”
Groovy “Alright! Is everyone lined up? The party’s starting!”
Set Home “How do I look? Does this suit me well?”
Home Idle 1 “Ceremonies are usually a celebration for something, right? We should make it bold and call for some animals, like white monkeys!”
Home Idle 2 “I’m not good at putting on makeup under my eyes… You kinda seem like you’d be good at it, though.”
Home Idle 3 “I gotta look perfect for the ceremony! As the dorm leader, I can’t be an embarrassment to Scarabia.”
Home Login “Are you starting to get nervous after putting on your ceremony robes? Don’t be! I’ve got your back.”
Home Idle Groovy “Sometime I wanna show you the parades we put on. There are elephants and camels and lions… It’s just really bold and so much fun!”
Home Tap 1 “Haha, you don’t have to be so formal! Sure, this is a ceremony, but I’m still just me. The same Kalim as always!”
Home Tap 2 “Sing, dance! And with some coconut water, all will be right in the world. This really is the best life!”
Home Tap 3 “You’re still a freshman, so there’s a lot you’re not used to yet, right? Jamil and I could give you some advice anytime you need it!”
Home Tap 4 “I’m one of the dorm leaders, so I’ve gotten to wear these clothes a lot more often than the other students. Well, I’ve never kept count though!”
Home Tap 5 “Ahaha, stop it~! Stop playing with me~! I’ll give you lots of attention later!!”
Home Tap Groovy “Come visit my home someday. We’ll welcome you with the best parties!”
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These lines have been fan-translated by namaikiii based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Alright! Let’s dress to the nines[1] and become fairies!
Groovy I’m sure the fairy festival will be a blast! I’ll be next to you, so don’t be nervous.
Set Home Whaddya think? Do I look like a fairy?
Home Idle 1 You should go and change too. Wouldn’t it be more fun if everyone became fairies?
Home Idle 2 I like the color white. Since way back, whenever I had my clothes tailored, I always chose white fabrics.
Home Idle 3 This outfit, don’t you think it’d be better if it had a lot more gems on it?
Home Login Something flashy, something fun, are all welcome! What should we do today?
Home Idle Groovy It looks good on me? Thanks! It’s thanks to Crewel-sensei who picked it out for me.
Home Tap 1 The area around my eyes is so sparkly. Vil lent me his makeup tools.
Home Tap 2 There’s a lot of these kinds of outfits at home too. About how much is a lot, huh……a lot is a lot!
Home Tap 3 Fairies sure are fascinating. There’s small ones that can fit in your palm and then there are guys that seem as big as Malleus.
Home Tap 4 Even though Ruggie said that these kinda clothes don’t suit him……I think that it suits him well.
Home Tap 5 Hahaha, the bugs on my shoulder aren’t real but embroidery. In the Land of Hot Sands, insects are an auspicious motif.
Home Tap Groovy Do you know the name of the flower on my head? Go on, look carefully. It’s totally pretty right?
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I’m going to be able to entertain my guests with my cooking whenever we throw a banquet!
Groovy Whew… it was a lot of things I wasn’t able to really grasp, but it was kinda was fun!
Set Home When I put this on, I get the feeling I’ll be able to cook something great!
Home Idle 1 Biriyani sure has a lot of ingredients. Then, I’ll put in a ton of spices too! That way I’m sure it’ll be delicious.
Home Idle 2 Before, when I invited Ruggie to a banquet, he ate more than anyone else there. Man, even when I think back on it now, he sure is a good eater!
Home Idle 3 It seems coconuts can be sweet or salty, depending on the place they were grown. That’s so cool!
Home Login I was always told to stay away from knives and fire, so I don’t really have much experience with cooking. Now I get to look forward to making things!
Home Idle Groovy I think this is the most delicious thing I’ve made so far. I didn’t burn the ingredients, and I didn’t make anything explode!
Home Tap 1 Once we invited a candy crafts person from the east to our home. They were able to quickly craft birds and monkeys that I thought they were using magic.
Home Tap 2 Wow! The vegetables that Trey cut up is so beautifully shaped, very different from mine… So this is what they call a difference in experience~
Home Tap 3 How do I use a peppermill? Do I shake it? I don’t often use it myself so I don’t know.
Home Tap 4 Uh, so when do I put the chicken in…. Wait? What step in the recipe am I on right now?
Home Tap 5 Cough, cough! That’s a lot of smoke coming from the pot…! That’s weird, it didn’t say anything about this in the recipe?
Home Tap Groovy Did you like my cooking? … I see, I’m glad! Don’t hold back, eat more!
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Oh, everyone needs to have a blast at festivals. I’ll do my best with Catch the Tail, and entertain all the people watching!
Groovy I’m so glad we won Catch the Tail! ‘Specially since it made you happy too.
Set Home I can’t wait for the match!
Home Idle 1 They told me that the beadwork on this bracelet is a Sunset Savanna specialty. It’s got a pretty design. I really like it!
Home Idle 2 So, they say that as a guest, my job is to fully enjoy the festival. Well, I’m really good at that!
Home Idle 3 All my siblings also really love animals, so I’d love to bring them all here to the savannah. I bet they’d totally love it!
Home Login Sunset Savanna’s so cool, and has a ton of rare animals and plants. I’m gonna go sightsee everything!
Home Idle Groovy Apparently, Kifaji’s the senior most chamberlain. That’s prolly why he always looks so distinguished… I wonder if Jamil’ll be like that one day, too?
Home Tap 1 Leona was talking a bunch about the future of his country, and other hard-to-follow stuff… Wow, he’s definitely an amazing guy.
Home Tap 2 Lilia said that, “You’ll want to drink some milk after taking a dip in the hot springs.” So I drank some, and it was real good!
Home Tap 3 Vil’s makeup is so amazing. He said, “I broke a sweat,” but it just stayed on his face perfectly.
Home Tap 4 Oooh, so Sunset Savanna’s known for their textiles too, huh. I’m gonna go see if I can find a magic carpet friend here, too!
Home Tap 5 Thanks for grabbing that bug off my shoulder. Ah, I’ve never seen that one before, so let me take a look at it!
Home Tap Groovy That cloth you’re eyeing has a real beautiful pattern. Looks like it can be used as a bandanna or a scarf, so if you want me to wrap it for you, let me know!
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These lines have been fan-translated by notyuki based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I feel like I'm on top of the world having everyone celebrating with me! Let's get the hype up to the very end today!

I welcome all kinds of surprises regardless! Let's make my birthday a day that's full of smiles.

Groovy Fun times pass so quickly. Let's enjoy ourselves together next year too!
Set Home This is the perfect outfit for enjoying a birthday to its fullest!
Home Idle 1 My siblings sent me loads of letters containing their birthday wishes. This sort of heartfelt stuff makes me so happy!
Home Idle 2 Ruggie folded a cobra that's said to be the form taken by the Sorcerer of the Sands out of origami paper for me. He's so good with his hands~
Home Idle 3 Lilia and Cater performed their own rendition of the birthday song for me. The arrangement was intense and super cool!
Home Login I was looking forward to today so much that I worried over whether I could sleep last night. Before I knew it, it was morning, though. Ahaha!
Home Idle Groovy It's my birthday until midnight comes around, remember? So let's be merry with everyone until then!
Home Tap 1 Oh! The magic carpet's in a pretty good mood. It's probably 'cause Ortho used his cleaning attachment to clean it up.
Home Tap 2 Malleus gave me a headband that's pure black in colour. Isn't it sleek? It sure gives off that grown-up feeling~
Home Tap 3 Y'know, I was looking forward to this feast so much that I couldn't focus in today's classes. I messed up at my Potions practical thanks to that, though.
Home Tap 4 I do like banquets held in lavishly decorated halls, but those that are held outdoors are great too. A full sky of stars could join in the celebrations at night!
Home Tap 5 This outfit's great since people would know at a glance that it's my birthday~. Even those who didn't know can say "happy birthday" to me!
Home Tap Groovy In Scarabia, we often dance during our feasts. Will you join us for today? 'Cause I'll teach you how to dance!
Duo Magic Kalim: Thanks for the surprise, Silver!

Silver: It's worthwhile celebrating for you, Kalim.

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Hey, do you wanna go on a magic carpet ride with me?”

“Singing, dancing, and delicious food! You can enjoy everything there is!”

Groovy “There’s nothing that makes me happier than putting smiles on the faces of everyone in Scarabia.”
Set Home “My dorm is amazing!”
Home Idle 1 “I still don’t know yet what a dorm leader is supposed to do, but as long as everyone in Scarabia is having fun everyday, that’s all that matters!”
Home Idle 2 “They say the Sorcerer of the Sands could turn himself into a cobra. That’s so cool. This belt has a cobra depicted on it too, which is a reminder to ‘Become a mage that’s just like him!’”
Home Idle 3 “I hope I can spend time with everyone in the dorm just like they’re family. Me and Jamil are almost like brothers too, and the bigger the family the better, right?”
Home Login “You’re here! I’ll give you a tour inside the dorm. Where do you want to go? Ah, going for a walk on a camel in the desert outside doesn’t sound too bad either.”
Home Idle Groovy “Do you like games? You should come to our dorm at nighttime! It’d be so exciting with you there.”
Home Tap 1 “These bracelets? Hmm, I don’t think they’re real gold? I’ve got so many of them, so I don’t really know.”
Home Tap 2 “Hey, can I give Grim some kibble? …Wait, Grim, don’t get so angry with me! My bad, I’m sorry for saying ‘kibble.’”
Home Tap 3 “Riddle and Azul are amazing as dorm leaders. I need to work harder too!”
Home Tap 4 “Hey, sometimes you should listen to my worries too. Let’s see… mhm…. I don’t really have any. Ahahaha!”
Home Tap 5 “My turban will come loose if you keep pulling at it! I can’t redo it myself, so could you tie it back for me if it falls apart?”
Home Tap Groovy “You look like you’ve been having fun lately; you’ve been smiling so much! No, that’s a good thing. I love seeing your smiling face!”
Duo Magic Kalim: “Alright~! Jamil, leave everything to me!”

Jamil: “Wait, Kalim, don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by xnotyuki based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Celebrate to your heart's delight today! 'Cuz I'll also be accepting whatever comes my way with all I've got

It's a party thrown by everyone for my birthday! It's got a special feeling to it which the usual banquets don't have.

Groovy Are you having fun too? That's great! Seeing everyone's smiles is the best present I could ever ask for!
Set Home Man, the collar's kinda tight…
Home Idle 1 The other Scarabia residents showcased a song and dance performance for me. The vibes were real good, so I jumped in to dance along too!
Home Idle 2 I got this little bottle filled with sea grass from Jade. It has a different charm from that of gems so it's pretty nice.
Home Idle 3 I guess it's because the birthday jacket stood out? But Lucius was staring at me the whoooole time during Professor Trein's class.
Home Login It's the one day for my birthday party! Come on, join us and let's get this party started with a bang!
Home Idle Groovy Here, party hats for you and Grim too! Make sure to put 'em on for the next banquet, okay!
Home Tap 1 Man, Azul's such a nice fellow. He helped me with a question I was fumbling over as a birthday present.
Home Tap 2 So I was woken up real early by the magic carpet this morning…and just as I was wondering what's up, it brought me to see a really pretty sunrise!
Home Tap 3 Isn't this wooden mug cool? I got it from Silver! Time to chug some coconut juice with this!
Home Tap 4 Grim might gobble all the remaining food up? Don't worry about that, 'cuz there's gonna be loads and loads more coming right up!
Home Tap 5 What's your thoughts on attaching gold beads and gems to this jacket? I think it'd look even cooler that way.
Home Tap Groovy Phew~ The pie made a super duper loud splat when it hit me and I'm all sticky from the cream, but it was real fun still!
Duo Magic Kalim: Lilia! Sing something to celebrate for me!

Lilia: Listen carefully now, Kalim!

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Happy New Year. Hey, let’s celebrate this fantastic day together!

Especially since it’s New Years, I gotta stay pumped up. I’ll do my best so that everyone can enjoy shopping!

Groovy If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know, ‘kay? We can look for it together.
Set Home I’m going to make this a fun year!
Home Idle 1 Last year on New Years Eve, a concert was held at a hotel my dad owns. I went and listened to it with my siblings~
Home Idle 2 Just a moment ago, Trein-sensei came and bought all the high-quality cat food we had. Lucius looked really happy~
Home Idle 3 While helping with inventory, it’s really cool to see what all there is in the shop. But what are these grinning masks used for, I wonder?
Home Login Happy New Year! The start of a new year is always kinda exciting~ Let’s make this a good one!
Home Idle Groovy I didn’t realize working like this would be this hard. Next time I go back home, I’ll make sure to thank everyone who’s working for my family!
Home Tap 1 The first day back to school after the holidays, I end up waking up super early. I just get so excited to get to see everyone after such a long break~!
Home Tap 2 In the winter, you gotta dance a ton, or drink some really hot tea! If you do, then you’ll be able to mostly fight off the cold.
Home Tap 3 [sneezes] The sneezing started when I cleaned the shop… If Jamil had heard it, he’d worry and ask if I have a cold.
Home Tap 4 For New Years, many people come to our home to pay their respects. Apparently it’s the same for Leona. When I said to him that it was so much fun to receive these guests, he gave me a weird look, though.
Home Tap 5 Uwaah… oop! Whew~ Somehow I was able to keep from tripping. It’s pretty hard to keep my balance and walk while wearing these weird wooden shoes…
Home Tap Groovy Ramshackle dorm is completely covered with snow? Can I come over and play? Let’s have a snowball fight!
Duo Magic Kalim: Deuce, let’s go all out!

Deuce: Give them a good thumping, Asim-senpai!

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Alright! Since this Tsum came all this way here, we’re gonna throw it a welcoming party!

Whaddya think, doesn’t this little guy look just like me? It loves to dance a ton. Hope you guys get along!

File:Kalim Tsumsted Summon 1.mp3

File:Kalim Tsumsted Summon 2.mp3

Groovy Ahahah, did you have fun? It’s great that you got to come here with all your friends, Tsum! File:Kalim Tsumsted Groovy.mp3
Set Home Let’s go play, Tsum! File:Kalim Tsumsted Set Home.mp3
Home Idle 1 Apparently when a ton of these Tsums get together, they just start stacking up on top of each other. Maybe if we get even more of these guys, they’ll even reach the tip top of the school? File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Idle 1.mp3
Home Idle 2 That light that shined when the Tsums arrived was super bright. I saw spots in my eyes for a long time… I wonder if the Tsums were okay, though. File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Idle 2.mp3
Home Idle 3 Deuce looked like he was in a hurry to get to class, so I gave him a lift on my carpet. I think his Tsum really enjoyed it. I wanna give them another ride sometime! File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Idle 3.mp3
Home Login I’m so excited that a Tsum came to visit me too~ I can’t wait to see what kinds of fun we’ll have! File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Login.mp3
Home Idle Groovy I want to bring this Tsum to meet my family. I bet it’d be a huge hit with my siblings. File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Idle Groovy.mp3
Home Tap 1 A little bit ago, me and the Tsum played catch with some gemstones we found in the dorm storage room. We kinda lost a few of them, but whatever! File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Tap 1.mp3
Home Tap 2 Jade invited me and my Tsum to the Mostro Lounge. I can’t wait to see what kind of party he’s got in store for us! File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Tap 2.mp3
Home Tap 3 Hey look, Lilia’s Tsum came to hang out at Scarabia all of a sudden… Wait, it’s gone! Where’d it go!? File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Tap 3.mp3
Home Tap 4 Hey, listen to this! Just a second ago, the Tsum put on some shades and started dancing. I wish you coulda seen it tooー File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Tap 4.mp3
Home Tap 5 Aah, sorry. I was just thinking. What should I give to the Tsum in return for this four-leaf clover it gave me? File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Tap 5.mp3
Home Tap Groovy This guy’s so friendly he makes friends wth everyone super easily. Looks like he’s happy to be your friend, too! File:Kalim Tsumsted Home Tap Groovy.mp3
Duo Magic Kalim: Ortho, dance for me!

Ortho: Kalim-san, FEVER!

File:Kalim Tsumsted Duo Magic 1.mp3

File:Kalim Tsumsted Duo Magic 2.mp3

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I wanna fire things up with everyone who came to our performance! Let’s go dance and sing and cause a scene!

Musical performances are so much fun! And I also love going wild with Lilia and Cater! The pop music club is totally the best!

Groovy Come see us perform again sometime! Let’s have an even bigger blast next time!
Set Home I’m starting to feel super excited!
Home Idle 1 The pop music club doesn’t really have set days to meet-up, or any set activities. We just get together when we feel like it, and when we’ve enjoyed ourself thoroughly, we head home!
Home Idle 2 Before our performance, Cater was asking our friends to make sure they cheer us on. ‘Cause it’s super important to keep things hyped up!
Home Idle 3 Lilia taught me the drums, y'know. He’d say stuff like, “And now here, you have to go WHAM, BAM, CRASH!”
Home Login For the performance the other day, Lilia wore a leather jacket, Cater wore a cool shirt, and I wore an outfit from my hometown. Super bright and festive, right?
Home Idle Groovy I’m super interested in the music from your country too. Hey, I’ll set the beat, so sing something for me!
Home Tap 1 We have too much fun chatting between the three of us, so sometimes the song intro goes on for a little too long. We’ve done a whole performance before where we didn’t play a single thing because of that!
Home Tap 2 Apparently some of our former club members left because of musical differences. Hmm~ But don’t you think it’s more fun when everyone has different tastes?
Home Tap 3 My siblings can play instruments too! It was always fun performing with everyone for Dad and Mom!
Home Tap 4 Oh! You noticed that I did my nails! The base color is gold, and it’s got a tiger-stripe pattern. Don’t you think it’s the coolest?
Home Tap 5 When we played on stage in the town at the foothills, we were awarded “Most Lively Performance”. We got a certificate for it, too!
Home Tap Groovy The three of us are gonna have an after-party once the performance finishes, do you wanna come? We gotta keep the fun vibes going!
Duo Magic Kalim: Let’s get groovin’, Lilia!

Lilia: Kalim, I’m turning up the excitement!


  1. Go all out in dressing up

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