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Happy Birthday
Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

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Savanaclaw Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC School Newspaper

Special Feature: Interview with Birthday Person

~Leona Version~

Happy Birthday
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
No matter how many times I hear it, it doesn’t feel bad at all. You seem to understand the proper etiquette as befitting a herbivore.
Did you receive anything from your family?
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
Yeah. A congratulatory message arrived from them. Along with a massive number of presents.

There’s most likely nothing there that suits my taste anyway, so I’ve just tossed them into my room. If you want, I’ll give them to you.

Only, the present from my nephew Cheka is causing me trouble…

I’ve been getting phone calls ever since it arrived, asking if I’ve looked inside it or if I was happy with it.

He was so annoyingly persistent, but when I answered “I haven’t checked” and hung up, next I got a complaining call from my Elder Sister.

But even though she said it’s what’s on the inside that counts… Last year it was a stuffed toy, and the year before that was a picture book, you know?

He sends such cute things, it moves me to tears. I am thankful, really.

―Please tell us about your family.
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
Heh… Family, huh. Are you interested in the royal family? I’ll let you know now, there aren’t any interesting stories.

Back when I was at home, my brother’s wife and Cheka were so noisy, there wasn’t a moment’s rest at all.

My brother is ten years older than me and is the same. He’s governing Sunset Savanna in the place of our father who is ill, but…

He’s so noisy always wanting to take care of me.

Even though he should only think about the country… As expected of the Older Brother who is kind to everyone.

Like just a little while ago, he sent over a traditional rug made in Sunset Savanah.

A pricy rug to use while living in a dorm? Would anyone normally send such a thing? His concerns aren’t in the right place.

If he has time sending something so bothersome to me, it’d be better if he sent a rug to a neighboring country to further increase friendship.

However my brother doesn’t realize that.

I worry for the country’s future with how laid-back he is.

Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

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Savanaclaw Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
Where is your favorite place on campus?
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
The place I most often go is the Botanical Garden. On top of there not being many people around, it is also quiet… It’s the perfect environment for slacking off.

It also comes complete with a controlled climate, so it’s perfect for naps.

However, if I’m sleeping there, guys from my dorm or club tend to come calling for me often.

Things like asking me to stop a fight between students, or to join them for magift special training… I keep getting dragged into bothersome things.

That’s why in order to not be found, recently I’ve changed the locations I hide.

Like, let’s see… behind the Hall of Mirrors is perfect for disappearing from view. There is a large tree covering, as well as plants with strong aromas.

Actually, the other day Ruggie was searching for me and came really close, but he passed me by without notice. Kuku…

…Of course that was just an example. There’s no way I’d actually tell you where my hideouts are. Don’t resent me even if you can’t find me.

―Please tell us on why you thought to become the Dorm Leader?
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
That’s an easy answer. It’s because I didn’t want to be below any small fry anymore.

When I first enrolled, I thought it would just add on extra bothersome work, so I had no interest in becoming the Dorm Leader.

However, experiencing the dorm’s shared rooms was… more painful than I had believed it would be.

It rubbed me the wrong way that I couldn’t do as I wish, and the other guys were just trembling with terror, it couldn’t be described as anything other than irksome.

I also got fed up with them, and the guys in my room begged me, crying “We beg of you, become the Dorm Leader”…

So when I became a second year, I challenged the previous Dorm Leader and took his spot.

When push comes to shove, there aren’t many jobs I need to do that cause me to get up and move around.

Most things I can leave to my dorm students to get done, so it’s pretty easy.

However, the Dorm Leader meetings are still the only troublesome thing. Essentially, the Dorm Leaders must show up to those, so I can’t escape.

There are some dorms that sometimes send their Vice Dorm Leader as their representative, but even if I wanted to do so, we don’t have a Vice Dorm Leader.

I thought it would be a bother having that support, so I left the Vice Dorm Leader spot empty… I only regret it when I comes to these meetings.

Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

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Savanaclaw Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
Do you have any hobbies?
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
If I have to choose something, I guess it’s chess.

It’s fascinating to study the board. If I look at my opponent’s strategy, I can usually read what they are planning.

When it comes to chess problems as well, sometimes in the middle of solving the same problem again, I think of a new strategy to beat it. That moment is simply irresistible.

I’ve been playing since I was a kid, you know? My opponents would be those intelligent adults that tended to be around me.

Those guys that would first play against me as if I was just a kid, they would soon become serious half-way, and then when the game ends they show such a disappointed face…

Haha! That was the best source of entertainment back then.

―Please tell us the circumstances of your entry into this school.
Story Leona Birthday.png
Story Leona Birthday.png
Oi… That question, are you asking the reason why I’m two years older than the others in my same year? Ahn?

… I’m kidding. Don’t be frightened of each little joke. It’s not like it’s anything I have to hide.

When I first got the invite to enroll in the school, I ignored the message.

I had already learned pretty much all the content that they teach at Night Raven College from the tutors employed by the royal family.

Wouldn’t going through all the trouble just to mingle with those at a lower level and learn things I already know, just be a waste of time?

However… When Cheka was born, circumstances changed. My allure for staying at home pretty much disappeared.

That’s why the following year after I received the admissions letter, I came here.

Ah? What’s the other year? It was bothersome to go to class, so my attendance record was lacking and I repeated a year.

…Well, my lifestyle right now isn’t too bad.

My decision to come to Night Raven College might have been the right choice.

Thank you for letting us listen to your story. Once more, Happy Birthday.
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