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Lilia Vanrouge is a third-year in Diasomnia and is Malleus' supervisor. He is a mysterious person who although has the appearance of a young boy, is rumored to be an ancient being.

(translated from the Japanese version by daeva-agas)


Despite his rumored age, Lilia has the appearance of a short young boy. He has pale skin and short dark hair with hot pink streaks that stick out at the sides, and dark red eyes. he also has fangs, which are visible when Lilia opens his mouth. Like Malleus, he has pointed ears.

In his dorm uniform, Lilia wears green eyeshadow and the standard black and green hat with horns. He wears a white shirt with a black tie, and an oversized black and green coat that falls off his shoulders. He wears a pair of black gloves, and suspenders. On his waist, Lilia has a black corset with multiple belts, a ruffled black-to-purple gradient fabric hanging off one side, and another smaller belt with a miniature spinning wheel accessory, and spools of thread on his hip. He wears black shorts with green stripes, stockings with an intricate pattern down the leg, and black, mid-calf boots with green heels.


Lilia is quite playful towards everyone and really enjoys teasing the students. Especially those who he knows, as he often hangs himself upside down to surprise or scare them. Unlike most of the members from the Diasomnia dorm, Lilia is easygoing and friendly with most of the students in NRC and often encourages Malleus, Silver, and Sebek to interact with the others in the same way. When the time is right, he enjoys giving insightful advice to help his peers, as he's lived a lot longer than the other students.

He likes to surprise and mess around with people.[1]

Lilia has a very warm personality, but like anybody else he wishes to be taken seriously when it's needed. He tends to get somewhat strict at times, and his words can come out a bit coarse. A good example of this is in his argument Leona during the Magical Shift Tournament.

When Silver was younger, Lilia and Malleus adopted him as his caregivers. Because of this, Lilia is often more gentle and forgiving of Silver's mistakes or ill behavior.

Lilia has quite a few strengths, such as his talent with musical instruments, or his impressively sharp eyesight and hearing, which makes him able to pick stuff up that others are regularly unable to. He often does his own hair, cutting it and dying it himself. Although he usually has pink streaks, he enjoys dying it other colors once in a while. Lilia also has a few weaknesses, cooking being a big one. Silver often describes him to be an awful cook. Even if he has a recipe, he tends to not follow it.[2]

Lilia has gaming habits.[3]

Skills and Magic

Lilia has a very sharp hearing. Ace points out he was easily 20m away and was able to hear their conversation.[4]

Lilia is musically inclined:

  • Lilia can play multiple instruments and write lyrics.[5]
  • Lilia claims to be good at singing lullabies that can make a crying infant sleep in a fraction of a second.[6]

Unique Magic


  • Sometimes, Lilia randomly picks his nose even when he's in public.[7]
  • Lilia's true age is unknown, but it's implied he is very old:
    • He claims to have known Sam's great-great grandfather.[8]
    • Malleus says that his picture is in the textbook.[9]
    • He also says he doesn't remember when his real birthday is.[10]


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