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Lilia Personal Story
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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Woop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC School Newspaper, Special Birthday Interview ~Lilia Issue~
Happy Birthday.
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Thank you. I don’t think I’m getting any older than this, but it’s still nice to hear everyone’s well wishes.

Not to mention how exciting and lively the festivities are. They remain fun no matter how many times I repeat them.

"Was there any birthday greeting that left an impression on you?"
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Let me think… I received a message from one of my in-game buds. He was the first one to congratulate me this year.

I was just playing the game, as usual per usual, then the moment the clock struck midnight, a whole swarm of celebratory messages popped up in the game chat.

To tell you the truth, I’d totally forgotten about my birthday. It’s pretty old news to me now…

So this made for such a lovely surprise! I should send “Moody Samurai”[1] my sincerest thanks.

"What did they say?"
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
It was a very enthusiastic message.

“Today is the fated day that my best friend (lol) was born. I have been super hype waiting for it lmao.”

“I’ve revered your moves from the day we met, and continue to do so every day.”

“A play style that’s wild and rambunctious and that enraptures all those that witness it, but one that still permits any noob to play without fear of dying, as they know you will be there to shield the frail.”

“Also the play of social degenerate that will stay up all night to play video games… Oh, I’m getting emotional. To my best net-friend, happy birthday!”

Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
... Something like that. What a passionate outpouring of feelings, right?

They’ve congratulated me every single year since I met them too. This “Gloomy Samurai” is a truly dependable guy.

Kufufu… To think that I could make new friends through the internet… All thanks to being blessed with such a long life.

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Could you tell me about your hobbies?"
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
I enjoy travelling alone.

When I was younger I had a whole mountain of obligations and duties, so I never got to leave Briar Valley.

But in recent years it’s been rather peaceful, so I can finally relax and do as I please.

As long as I got this kind of free time I can fly all around the world.

Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Briar Valley is a rather insular place after all, perhaps my desire to travel is because I spend so long in that place.

Sitting down with someone from another culture is a great experience. You can learn from it, but above all, it’s also a lot of fun!

However, I think I might’ve already visited every tourist destination by now…

So it’s been a little hard to pick a place I haven’t been to yet. Geez, at least traveling is still fun on its own.

"Do you bring back any souvenirs?"
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Of course. It’s one of the little pleasures that comes with travel.

I often buy those little triangular tapestries on my travels. I think you’d call them “pennants”?[2]

I always give them to Malleus. He’d always look so happy, decorating his room with them.

You see, the next king doesn’t have the luxury of leaving the country as easily as I do.

So goods from other countries are an absolute rarity.

Though hardly anyone still sells pennants these days though.

What a shame, after I spend so much time finding and collecting them. The passage of time is one lonely thing.

I’d like to bring back some souvenirs for Malleus whenever I travel, but I’m not sure what I should bring with me instead….

Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Oh, right! Nowadays there are T-shirts that say the name of the tourist spot all over the place!

I’ll just buy those instead. Kufufu… I’m sure Malleus will be pleased.

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Did you know everybody in Diasomnia prior to enrollment?"
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Not everyone, but I’ve known Malleus, Silver and Sebek since they were kids.

I’ve known Malleus for the longest, since Silver and Sebek are a little further apart in age.

I wouldn’t sum up our connections as something as short as “since they were kids” however.

Well, regardless, I’m the one who trained all three of them. What do you say? I’m quite the instructor, right?

"Could you give some examples of the kinds of training you did?"
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
I was quite the Spartan with Silver and Sebek.

I’d have them swim up against the rapids, or climb the mountains where the air is thin…

But one day I noticed how these two boys were clenching their teeth, doing their best to endure such severe training.

That’s when I was suddenly struck with a thought. I’ve retired from the frontlines, and these children aren’t my subordinates.

Why am I raising them as if they were my soldiers? Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?…

Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
That’s when I decided I ought to raise them like children instead, with a much more hand’s-off approach.

Children should be allowed to play freely, while the adults watch over and protect them from the shadows.

Ever since then it looked like Silver and Sebek were having a blast!

They’d play tag in the Woods of Wild Beasts. Hide and seek in the Vast Deserts…

Elevation tag on Hell’s Needle Mountain. Red light, green light in the Scorching Waste.[3]

As a result, both of them grew up so strong and healthy! My childrearing policy worked out great!

Kufufu… What do you say, should I train you too?

"I’ll take it into consideration… Next, I’d like to ask you about your club activities."

"You’re in the Light Music Club, are you a fan of music?"

Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Indeed! The most suitable hobby for me is one that I can spend a lot of time learning.

The eras and countries may change, but there are a few things everyone still enjoys no matter what. Music is one of those things.

I can play a variety of instruments, and write lyrics too. After all, I had plenty of time to study.

But singing is still my strongest point!

"I'd like to hear it."
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Story Lilia Birthday.png
Alright, how about we have a birthday recital after the interview then?

Kufufu. I can’t help but recall Silver’s and the other’s smiling faces.

"I’ll look forward to it. Once again, happy birthday."
Card Lilia SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png

  1. This gloomy samurai dude goes by “Nekura Samurai” in japanese, this can mean a whole array of things from glum to pessimistic to dark-natured to gloomy. Either way, it definitely has some of the typical “shut-in gamer” vibes lol. The guy switches between using very formal language and netspeak btw.
  2. These pennants used to be pretty popular in Japan back in the day! A friend told me these things were pretty prevalent in her father’s/grandfather’s age. You could find them anywhere in Japan, and they’d list the location on them. They are pretty old fashioned nowadays though and you may struggle a bit to find them just as Lilia says. So there’s a little cultural tidbit that would make Lilia look even older in the eye of Japanese players haha. Here’s some example pictures! Oh, and sure enough, you can find them in both Lilia’s and Malleus’ room even now! (And on the birthday card too!
  3. Lilia mentions a whole bunch of Japanese games. Elevation Tag is a name I made up for a Japanese variation of tag that he mentions here. Basically, it’s tag but players are immune if they’ve climbed up higher/out of reach from the player that’s “it”. Generally there’s a time limit on how long they are allowed to stay in one high place, so they’ll have to climb down/move to another place once in a while. This is the kind of mountain he’s talking about btw! Silver and Sebek picked quite the place for their game of tag haha!
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