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Lilia logo.png Lilia Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial Now, let’s get going. Time is something that’s valuable to you, isn’t it?
Lv Up 1 Is this what they mean by ‘growth spurt’? Hehehe.
Lv Up 2 Alright! I leveled up.
Lv Up 3 School life here makes one very productive.
Lv Up Max My days have been so enjoyable lately, perhaps due to the fact that I’ve been overcome with so much power for the first time in a while. It’s all thanks to you.
Episode Lv Up Looking back, the days where I walked alongside you were always very pleasant. …What? This isn’t a farewell. Let’s continue getting along.
Magic Lv Up Well, this is still far from actuality. Perhaps I’ll show you the secrets of my magic someday.
Limit Break Oh, dear. Is it really alright for me to get even stronger than I already am? …Hehehe. I see. Then I must live up to your expectations.
Groovy Hehehe. I’m excited~ I can’t lose to the young people yet.
Lesson 1 Yes, I’m all set! What should we get ready for?
Lesson 2 You’ll lose your spirit if you’re too enthusiastic like that. Take it easy.
Lesson 3 Working along with the students… How interesting. I’ll try to get motivated today.
Lesson Start It’s good to make the most out of your learning.
Lesson End Good. That was a nice lesson. So this is what life as a student is like.
Battle Start Hehehe. Let’s play.
Battle Win Don’t underestimate me, fools.
Lilia Lesson Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning I know.

Hrngh, I dislike mornings.
Is that so?

Noon A fool of a king.

Now that you mention it…
So that’s how that circulated.

Afternoon Trein, don’t stare at me so.

So that’s how people say it nowadays.
History is fleeting.

Great That is the truth.

It’s like it only happened yesterday.

Great (New) Goodness, I had forgotten.
Perfect Aren’t I amazing?

Let me tell you an old tale.
History repeats itself.

Perfect (New) This should get me a gold star.
Special Perfect Oho, stay and relax for a while.

This is the start of a legend.
Shall I teach you?

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning It’s best when it’s cloudy.

I don’t need a broom.
Do you like the sky?

Noon The sun is too bright…

The wind feels good.
Hoho, interesting.

Afternoon C’mon, you got this.

Good grief…
The trick? You need to be spirited!

Great Being upside down soothes me.

This is too easy.
This thrill is the most important.

Perfect Can you keep up?

This is fun.
I’ve made this a self-imposed challenge.

Special Perfect Kufufu. Do you want to try too?

Can your eyes follow me?

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning What humans desire is…

Do you want to drink this?
I’m still sleepy.
It’s transformed!
Doesn’t this look delicious?

Noon The recipe hasn’t changed at all from the past.

The point here is intuition!
I’m not that good with minor details.
What is this smoke?
It’s important to be vigorous.

Afternoon Eternal life, huh…

Desire can corrupt humans.
That’s a good feeling.
I feel like I made a mistake.
Not bad at all.

Great It’s just as I pictured.

Hurry and finish…
This is okay once in a while.
That was child’s play.

Perfect It’s a big success!

This is a handmade recipe.
Even a baby could do this.
I’m adorable, if I do say so myself
Don’t move so sluggishly.

Special Perfect You should try it too.

Is the Headmaster also going to join us?
It’s so quiet and boring.
I’ve gotten bored of gold.

Lilia Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected You’re on.

Good plan.
All right.

Buff Don’t push yourself too hard.
Debuff Let’s do something interesting.
When Attacked Oop.
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)


(2nd Turn)


(1st Turn)
Let me have some fun.

How boring.

(2nd Turn)
Are you scared?

I won’t forgive you even if you cry.

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)


(2nd Turn)


(1st Turn)
How’s that?

Did you learn your lesson?

(2nd Turn)
Does it hurt?

This is the next shot.

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn It’s time for your punishment.

Search your conscience well.

2nd Turn Allow me to teach you a lesson.

Treat your seniors kindly.

Magic 3 Attacks You’re goofing around too much, kiddo.

I’ll have to scold you.
Time for me to put you to sleep.
I won’t overlook a single snag!

Lilia Room Lines
Friendship Level Up
Friendship Level Max
Invite Good


Invite (Dorm) Good

Invited to Room
Short Idle 1
Short Idle 2
Long Idle
Idle (Theme) Good
Idle (Dorm) Good
Room Tap 1
Room Tap 2
Room Tap 3
Trouble 1
Trouble 2
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Hehe, look, we match. Well, we have a uniform here so of course we do.
Groovy Isn’t it interesting how mysterious I am?
Set Home Let’s act young and sprightly now.
Home Idle 1 Wearing this same school uniform as all of you helps me feel young again.
Home Idle 2 Do you have plans after this? If you’re free, would you care to go for a stroll with me? I could use some company.
Home Idle 3 I’ve got club activities after class! I joined band. I’m an official band player now.
Home Login What do you think? I look like a handsome, mysterious boy from every angle, don’t I?
Home Tap 1 I miss the days when Malleus would start bawling whenever he couldn’t figure out how to dress himself. …Oh, that’s not something I’m supposed to talk about.
Home Tap 2 Time always passes by much too quickly. It won’t be long before these days turn into nothing but memories to reminisce about.
Home Tap 3 You must take your classes seriously. Don’t fret; I’ll be here having fun in your place.
Home Tap 4 Night Raven College is truly an interesting place. You can feel magic pulsating from every corner.
Home Tap 5 Hehehe, did you notice? Today I was able to tie my necktie into a prettier butterfly knot than usual.
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon You want to play against me? Sounds fun! Know that I’m not going to go easy on you, though.
Groovy I may be small. But don’t underestimate me.
Set Home We should take things easy.
Home Idle 1 I’m confident in my agility, but I wish I had the chance to show it off. What do you say about going one-on-one?
Home Idle 2 I’ve just finished with flying. …‘Any tips’? I just think ‘I want to fly,’ and then I can fly.
Home Idle 3 Oh~ Everyone knows you start crawling once you leave the cradle, but you can already walk so well on your own two feet. That’s impressive!
Home Login Hah… My skin really isn’t meant for the sun. Let me rest a little.
Home Tap 1 Silver and Sebek are always fighting over whose skills are the best. If you ask me, the two of them are still only fledglings.
Home Tap 2 Briar Valley is filled with steep cliffs and mountains. It lets you strengthen your legs just by being there. You should stop by someday.
Home Tap 3 Could you tell me what the weather will be like tomorrow? I never have any strength on sunny days. I have to wait until nighttime to start moving.
Home Tap 4 Moving around makes me so thirsty… Hm? This is tomato juice. Heheh, what did you think it was?
Home Tap 5 What’s that you’ve been doing? Are you practicing dancing? That’s not how you do it~
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Kufufu, what a cute little bugger. It’s so small and round, it feels like I’m holding a baby. File:Lilia Tsumsted Summon.mp3
Groovy Aww, this is just the best! I didn’t expect to get along this well with this Tsum. File:Lilia Tsumsted Groovy.mp3
Set Home This little guy’s got a lot of pluck! File:Lilia Tsumsted Set Home.mp3
Home Idle 1 This me-Tsum is everywhere and nowhere all at once. There’s no where to know when and where it’ll pop up before your eyes, so you better stay on your toes. Kufufu. File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Idle 1.mp3
Home Idle 2 Oh, Tsum, you aren’t able to fly? Don’t worry then, I’ll just toss you super high up like one would a babe! File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Idle 2.mp3
Home Idle 3 I just can’t grasp what Jade nor his Tsum is thinking. I wonder what they’re scheming beneath those grins. File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Idle 3.mp3
Home Login I never would have expected a cute Tsum to show up that looks just like me! Kufufu, how pleasantly unexpected. File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Login.mp3
Home Tap 1 This is my first time taking care of a Tsum… But there’s no reason to worry. I’ll just use all the parenting skills I developed in full force! File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Tap 1.mp3
Home Tap 2 Rook and I were playing hide-and-seek with our Tsums, but it never seemed to end. Looks like this game was a tie. File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Tap 2.mp3
Home Tap 3 It’s so charming to see Ortho and his Tsum playing so happily and with child-like wonder. File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Tap 3.mp3
Home Tap 4 I brought out my bass, thinking I’d let the Tsum listen to me rocking out, but it started to play instead. Not bad at all! File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Tap 4.mp3
Home Tap 5 You want to play with this Tsum too? Sure, I don’t mind. Although… I wonder if you’ll be able to stay in control of it at all~ File:Lilia Tsumsted Home Tap 5.mp3
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I’m good at identifying herbs: If you eat it and nothing happens, then it’s not an herb!
Groovy Young people are brimming with potential. Just watching them all is so energizing.
Set Home Knowledge is power. Why don’t we try to work seriously?
Home Idle 1 Silver has been a good boy and easy to take care of ever since he was little. He’d fall right to sleep after eating my homemade food.
Home Idle 2 Are you gathering herbs? I’ll come along. I’ve seen a lot around the world so I know much about plants.
Home Idle 3 ‘Aren’t those oversized sleeves annoying?’ Of course they’re annoying. I just put up with them because they’re cute.
Home Login You have a question? Feel free to ask me; I’ve seen it all. Although, I’ve forgotten almost everything.
Home Idle Groovy The sky tonight seems like it’ll be perfect for stargazing. Would you let me view them from the yard at the Ramshackle Dorm?
Home Tap 1 I’m not good at steadily measuring out ingredients. I like the phrase ‘adding things to taste.’
Home Tap 2 Lizard tail-and-mandrake soup has good health benefits. At least, it should in theory.
Home Tap 3 Are you good at labs? I just thought I’d ask. No reason.
Home Tap 4 If you’re too careful, you’ll never make any big achievements. It’s important to pour your heart into things! Come on, try it.
Home Tap 5 Hehe, do you think I’ll help you with your work if you cling to me like that? That’d be too lenient.
Home Tap Groovy Urgh… My sleeves keep falling even when I roll them up… Sorry, but could you try rolling them up for me?
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon He has a deep connection to these ceremony robes. …Not me; I’m talking about Malleus.
Groovy I’m not good at formal events… But this is what students must do, right?
Set Home Hm? Where is Malleus?
Home Idle 1 Even we must take all kinds of countermeasures… I have no idea what to do. Hm? Oh, I’m just talking to myself.
Home Idle 2 Have you seen Silver in his ceremony robes? It feels like only yesterday he was still tottering about… He’s grown up to be such a fine young man.
Home Idle 3 Hm? What is it? Can’t take your eyes off me? Hehe, these robes fit you very nicely too.
Home Login Oh? Where has Malleus gone? I thought we’d be going to the ceremony together…
Home Idle Groovy There’s no need to feel nervous at ceremonies. No one is born a sage; just be yourself.
Home Tap 1 Honestly, this frustrates me about Malleus. If he doesn’t make it to a ceremony he immediately gets irritated and starts up that thunder again.
Home Tap 2 Whenever Malleus is gone, it’s up to me as the vice dorm leader to take over his duties. Now, we’ll see how he is today…
Home Tap 3 Life as a student is fun, but it lasts only briefly. It’s nothing more than a checkpoint on this long journey we call life. …Heh, don’t make that face.
Home Tap 4 Where is my pen holder…? Oh, you found it? Thank you. I’ve never been good at finding things.
Home Tap 5 At that speed, there’s no way you could possibly catch me.
Home Tap Groovy You yourself have gotten rather impressive compared to how you were at the entrance ceremony. Humans develop so quickly…
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I was aiming for looking cool, but it looks my adorableness leaked out… What a troublemaker I am.
Groovy A real proposal… I can give you one, but it may cause your heart to throb too much… it won’t be my fault if you faint?
Set Home I changed up my look a bit. Isn’t it perfect?
Home Idle 1 Speaking of formal occasions of time past, I used to have to wear a bunch of stiff uniforms. These gorgeous formal outfits are refreshing.
Home Idle 2 In some countries, there are traditions of having a wedding reception in the middle of the night. That’s perfect for those like me who don’t like the sun.
Home Idle 3 Sneaking into the enemy’s camp to save those that have been captured… It’s so much like an RPG that it’s fun! The opponent being Idia kinda drops my motivation in half though.
Home Login Kufufu. This looks so good on me, I can’t help but smile. With this, I should be able to steal anyone’s heart.
Home Idle Groovy Tie the thorn-patterned ribbon tightly and I’m complete! Mm? Whats wrong? Am I so cool that… you can’t even speak?
Home Tap 1 My favorite type… I guess it would be a partner we could be ourselves around? If we can feel happy just being together, that’s even better.
Home Tap 2 Even though he’s taller than me, Riddle is still very concerned about his short height. He’s still so young.
Home Tap 3 In Briar Valley, sometimes magical blessings are gifted for weddings and births. I suppose it’s because it’s a place overflowing with magic.
Home Tap 4 When it comes to swearing your love forever, it’s impossible to do it half-heartedly. That’s coming from a senpai with more experience, so you should keep that in mind.
Home Tap 5 Hey, that’s enough of your mischief! Well, I guess I can understand why you’d want to mess with me. I’m so enchanting.
Home Tap Groovy I’ve seen many different types of love, but I’m not that well versed in “gossiping about love”. Would you like to try talking about it with me?
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Halloween is my home ground ♪ I can’t wait to see the surprise on everyone’s faces.
Groovy Do not underestimate me. You might end up finding yourself trembling and unable to sleep all night long.
Set Home Growl! How was that? Did I sound like a dragon?
Home Idle 1 On Halloween Night, the goblins who served the Fairy of Thorns would gather around a fire and dance all night long. You probably wouldn’t expect them to be party animals!
Home Idle 2 I remember the day I met a real-life serpentine dragon in the East like it was yesterday. Its crimson scales were truly a sight to behold.
Home Idle 3 I like eating most sweets, but marshmallows are the only ones I can’t do. It doesn’t feel like I’m eating anything; they aren’t satisfying.
Home Login Trick or treat… What? You’re already used to my tricks? Then I’ll have to bring out my trump card.
Home Idle Groovy If I were a real dragon, I could give you a ride on my back. But instead, why don’t I give you a piggy back ride?
Home Tap 1 Hnn… The decorative horns on my cap are so heavy. Malleus really has these on his head at all times?”
Home Tap 2 Aren’t my red nails cute? Vil painted them for me. He told me these were called gel nails—long-lasting nail polish.
Home Tap 3 Silver and Sebek used to be such crybabies. The mornings after Halloween, I’d have to spend the whole day doing laundry.
Home Tap 4 Have you seen Ace anywhere? He’s always eating Trey’s sweets like he really likes them, so I made some for him as well.
Home Tap 5 Oh, oh! It’s dangerous for someone of my stature to have a tail almost touching the ground. Try not to step on it either.
Home Tap Groovy Achoo! Sorry, sorry. This peacock feather tickled my nose.
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon It’s been several years since I started attempting the Master Chef course. This time, I’ll have them finally recognize my ability!
Groovy For the judge to cry immediately upon tasting my food. It seems I have a talent for cooking after all.
Set Home My splendid knife handling skillsー burn it into your mind!
Home Idle 1 It’s too simple and boring to only get to cut and fry the ingredients. I wonder if they’ll let me cook something more difficult?
Home Idle 2 Slowly frying or simmering the ingredients like this… The time I get to spend cooking sure is a luxury.
Home Idle 3 Since Epel is still growing, it’ll be good to prepare a voluminous dish for him. I can already see his happy face!
Home Login I’ve eaten so many different things from around the world. I have absolute confidence in my cooking knowledge.
Home Idle Groovy Kufufu, I’ve brought another splendid dish to life. The day may be drawing nearer that I’ll be called a master chef.
Home Tap 1 Recently, I’ve been interested in drinking and comparing different tomato juices. Not only are the tastes different, but the textures as well, it’s really interesting.
Home Tap 2 Ooh! Jade’s skills with knives are pretty good. Maybe if I taught him how to use a sword, he’d have considerable talent for it.
Home Tap 3 Marshmallows are bulky, but the taste leaves something to be desired. It’s so boring that they disappear as soon as you put them in your mouth.
Home Tap 4 Kufufu… There’s nowhere left for you to run. I’ll chop you up, fry you and eat you! …Just kidding. Here, I’ve finished cutting the pea sprouts.
Home Tap 5 Oh no! I spaced out and I made the dish according to the recipe. This won’t be nutritious enough. Time to add in a bunch of liver!
Home Tap Groovy How is it? Does it make your mouth water? Umu umu! If you like it so much, I’ll prepare seconds as well.
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Catch the Tail, huh. It’s my first time competing, but I’m used to rough-housing. I’ll show everyone the difference in my experience level.
Groovy That was a great festival. It was worth living a long life to be able to join in now. Let’s travel together again sometime.
Set Home I can feel the excitement brewing!
Home Idle 1 Grilled, roasted, and sautéed meat… Leona was chowing down on those meat dishes with great abandon. Looked like he was really enjoying himself!
Home Idle 2 While we were crossing the savannah, Kalim would get all excited every time we saw an animal. He had such a bright and wide smile.
Home Idle 3 Vil and I uploaded a photo of the same tourist spot to Magicam, but the response we got were super different. That’s an influencer, for you.
Home Login If a cute little warrior like me takes the stage to battle, then everyone in the audience would end up taking my side, I’m sure. My poor opponent.
Home Idle Groovy Let me know if you aren’t able to withstand the intense sun beating down on you. I’ll teach you all the tricks in my book for dealing with heatstroke.
Home Tap 1 I really like how the beads and cape flutter around while I’m in the middle of the match. It makes me feel like I’m a part of a hero show.
Home Tap 2 In the past, I’ve used hot springs to soak my wounded body. I never expected the day would come that I would be able to enjoy it for pleasure, instead.
Home Tap 3 The hotel staff tried to keep me from going on a walk at at night, but… Kufufu, when it’s night, there’s no one who can stand up to me.
Home Tap 4 There was this store I used to visit that was still in operation. I stopped by out of nostalgia, and saw that the ownership had passed down to a grandson. I could feel then just how time had flown.
Home Tap 5 I completely forgot where the souvenir shop I had my eye on is. I apologize, but do you think you can help me look for it? I’m just terrible at finding things…
Home Tap Groovy It’d be boring if we all just went to sleep right away, after traveling all this way together. Want to have a pillow fight? Or maybe we can gossip a bit?
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “You’re asking how old I’m turning? Um… Well, the small details aren’t important!”

Birthday celebrations in Briar Valley involved a dignified ceremony and were very tasteful. But the casual birthday bashes this school does aren’t bad either!

Groovy Thank you for the birthday wishes. I’ll be sure to return the favor, so stay tuned!
Set Home This outfit is proof I’m the star today. Yay!
Home Idle 1 It’s a spunky, charming, pretty boy’s birthday today. Don’t you think everyone should be fawning all over me?
Home Idle 2 Silver put together five cardboard boxes-worth of ingredients to make food for my birthday. Isn’t he a little too into this?
Home Idle 3 Kalim gave me an imitation guitar that’s meant to be smashed during a performance. I can’t wait to use it.
Home Login Happy birthday, me! …I thought I might as well say it to myself for good measure.
Home Idle Groovy Life is a cycle of meetings and farewells. I need to cherish this birthday that you were able to celebrate with me.
Home Tap 1 Epel gave me a jacket with a tiger embroidered on it. It has different colors than his. Maybe sometime we can get together and match each other!
Home Tap 2 When I was traveling, I visited a strange country where the one whose birthday it is puts together their own celebration. I have lots of other interesting stories from my travels, if you’d like.
Home Tap 3 Sebek made tomato juice for me. We have a blender, but he still went out of his way to hand-squeeze them. He’s so adorable.
Home Tap 4 The ingredient proportions written in this dessert recipe book Trey gave me are too small… Well, I suppose I can eyeball it.
Home Tap 5 Sashes are accessories you wear adorned with medals. I’ve received dozens of them in my life, but this might be my first time wearing one so joyful.
Home Tap Groovy You should have some more fun. It’s my birthday, after all. Heheh. Don’t be shy.
Duo Magic Lilia: Rook, I’m looking forward to your present!

Rook: Allow me to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, Lilia.

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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I’m not very good at finding people. Will you help me?

How wonderful it is that you’ve called upon me. I’ll do my best to not bring shame to the Diasomnia name.

Groovy It’s amazing how I’ve made schoolmates at this age… Life sure is strange.
Set Home I look cool, don’t you think?
Home Idle 1 This uniform represents my dormitory, yes? So I must wear it with panache! But it’s all about time, place, and occasion.
Home Idle 2 You want to come over to Diasomnia? Very well. If Sebek gives you any grief, you can just ignore him.
Home Idle 3 Ramshackle may be quite old, but the air isn’t stale whatsoever. I feel rather at home here.
Home Login I should act like a proper Vice Dorm Leader from time to time. Kufufu, what do you think? Do I not exude dignified aura?
Home Idle Groovy Are you used to this school, now? If there’s anything you need, I’ll listen to your woes.
Home Tap 1 I’ve traveled around the world, and every single place was absolutely spectacular. At least, that’s how I felt.
Home Tap 2 My tights have a thorn pattern, as an homage to the Thorn Witch. Isn’t it snazzy?
Home Tap 3 My age? Let’s see, I guess I’m somewhere between 10 and 1000 years old.
Home Tap 4 I found long pants to be a nuisance, so I cut them off myself. You can say I remade them.
Home Tap 5 Kufufu… Are you fully prepared to be poked back, then?
Home Tap Groovy The world you come from is somewhere I have never been. I would love to see it someday.
Duo Magic Lilia: Let’s see, time to show Malleus how it’s done.

Malleus: Show me what you can do, Lilia

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Is that the face of someone who is ready to give their all for my celebration? This’ll definitely raise my expectations!

I’ll happily receive your well wishes. But you’re not just going to leave it at saying “congrats,” no?

Groovy Everyone is so excited and is having fun chattering away… That is what makes this such an amazing birthday!
Set Home I have to dress up nice for a special day like this.
Home Idle 1 I feel so young again, just from being surrounded by everyone’s merry conversations. …You say I’m still young? I wonder.
Home Idle 2 Cater put together an album of photos that he took during the Pop Music Club meets. And he added such delightful comments too! This gift makes me quite happy.
Home Idle 3 I think it was when Silver was around 7 years old… He baked cookies for my birthday. They were misshapen, but tasted phenomenal.
Home Login I received so many presents that if I held them all in my arms, I wouldn’t be able to see past them. It’s so difficult being so popular〜
Home Idle Groovy Oh, you came just at the right time. I was just wanting to do some co-op play on the classic game that Ortho gave me. Join me for a bit.
Home Tap 1 The other dorm students sang me a birthday song. I was so moved I cried… or pretended to cry, at least.
Home Tap 2 Ace tried to surprise me, so I scared him back instead. Fufu, he’s still so young.
Home Tap 3 After all the celebrations, my energy is maxed out! I’ve no choice but to sing now. Make sure you listen well to my heart-filled voice!
Home Tap 4 After shaking Rook off my tail in the morning, he came up to me directly after classes and gave me my gift. What an odd guy.
Home Tap 5 You’ve been trying to sneakily take a picture of me for a little while, haven’t you? I don’t mind you taking one, but make sure you get my good side.
Home Tap Groovy When something gets thrown at me, I just instinctively go to avoid it. It was a difficult task indeed to take the cream pie with my face.
Duo Magic Lilia: Ortho, give me that special line!

Ortho: Happy Birthday, Lilia-san!

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon And how will you celebrate me today? I won’t let you go home until I’m thoroughly satisfied.

It’s really exciting to have my birthday celebrated so enthusiastically with many people. I finally get to experience it at my age.

Groovy I’ll show you some of my tricks. Don’t take your eyes off of me.
Set Home I’m pretty adept at magic, you know!
Home Idle 1 Birthdays are a good excuse to celebrate and be celebrated. That’s because I can spend it happily with family, friends, and of course, you!
Home Idle 2 My birthday parties only really get started after dark. Make sure you don’t tire yourself out by getting too carried away during the day!
Home Idle 3 It’s not too terrible to wear a robe once in a while. Hm… Maybe I’ll try to play a sorcerer in my game one of these days.
Home Login I don’t really care for mornings, but I did my best to wake up early today. It would be rude to keep waiting those who wish to celebrate with me waiting, after all, don’t you think?
Home Idle Groovy Jamil’s eyes lit up as soon as the conversation topic shifted to traveling… I’ll have to tell him all about my own adventures next time I see him.
Home Tap 1 Don’t you think I look good in today’s outfit? For me, my favorite part is the pointed hat because it’s too cute.
Home Tap 2 The tomato juice I received this morning was very delicious. It was apparently handmade by my fellow dorm students out of a blend of different types of tomatoes.
Home Tap 3 I’ve heard Malleus perform many times, and yet… The music he plays for my birthday just feels special.
Home Tap 4 This little phial contains the latest nail polish. Vil’s choice was spot on. Both the color and the bottle are so classy.
Home Tap 5 You want to know what this muffin that I’m eating is? Unfortunately for you, we’re not serving this at the venue. This was a present to me from Trey.
Home Tap Groovy I really looked cool flying? Good, good, then it was worth risking my old, creaky body to fly up there under the sky.
Duo Magic Lilia: Let’s get super pumped up, Jamil!

Jamil: I will follow you, Lilia-senpai.

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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon When it comes to music, everyone’s free to do as they wish. Don’t sweat the hard stuff, and just enjoy the music ♪

Kufufu, my bass is itching for the excitement… I’ll make sure everyone gets amped up during tonight’s show!

Groovy I’ll give you a shout out during our next performance. You best be looking forward to it!
Set Home I’m getting pumped up!
Home Idle 1 I received a terrible grade on my last music exam… That instructor still has much to learn. I cannot believe he was not able to handle my music sense.
Home Idle 2 Kalim has a pretty good sense of rhythm. It’s probably because he is well versed in many of the Scalding Sands’ instruments. He’s worth teaching all I know.
Home Idle 3 Don’t you think this pop music club T-shirt is just adorable? We’re super proud of how it came out, with the logo Cater created, and the illustration that Kalim and I drew up.
Home Login We’ve got a fine group of guys in our club. Don’t you think we should have gotten scouted by now?
Home Idle Groovy If you also join the pop music club, you’ll get to snag a few snacks that I definitely recommend. Cater and Kalim don’t seem to like them, though.
Home Tap 1 If we’re to play a gig outside, I’d prefer it to be a night-time show. It’s a little rough for me to do a whole musical performance under the blazing sun.
Home Tap 2 I only recently started playing music. I never used to have any free time back in the old days. Think of it like a post-retirement hobby.
Home Tap 3 Our activity room just is a regular classroom, because we’re only a club and so we aren’t allowed to use the music room. If only they’d give us a room more suited for loud noises, then we could really raise the roof.
Home Tap 4 I’m pretty good at coaxing babes to sleep. Whenever I sing them a lullaby, they quickly calm down and drift off.
Home Tap 5 If you’re interested in learning how to play an instrument, let me teach you. Kufufu… would you rather a kind and easy lesson, or hard and strenuous training?
Home Tap Groovy Four-piece bands are pretty cool, too… Oh, I know! Why don’t you join us for one show? You can be our vocalist, if you want.
Duo Magic Lilia: Cater, think you can keep up?

Cater: I’m picking up the beat, Lilia-chan!

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