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In Twisted Wonderland, magic (魔法, mahō) is a natural physical phenomenon like gravity that manifests as a type of ambient energy.


This energy can be manipulated by mages, who are born with the ability to interact with magical energy at the cost of mana by using their imagination to visualize their spells. The stronger a mage's ability to visualize what they want to do, the easier it is to cast spells.[1] Visualization is so important in the use of magic that some mages will write or draw in order to train themselves to better visualize their magic.[2]

Mana is an energy that is used to cast spells. The amount of mana any individual mage has is set from birth and cannot be increased or decreased, but they can make better use of their mana through training.[3] If a mage runs through all their mana, they run the risk of death.[4]

Magical energy can be used for other purposes besides spellcasting. Magic can be used to power technology. For example, Magical Wheels use the rider's magic as fuel.[5] The Ignihyde dorm specializes in technology powered by magic.[6] Some plants need magical energy to grow,[7] whereas other plants are capable of outputting their own magical energy.[8]

Mages cannot use their magic from birth, they develop it later in life.[9][10] There seems to be an age that is considered normal, as Sebek refers to developing his magic late,[11] whereas Riddle was seen as remarkable for developing his Unique Magic at 10 years old.[12]


Magestones are magic gems found in coal mines[13] that are created when regular gemstones soak up magic from the environment.[14] Magestones can also form when magic in the earth or air happens to crystalized.[15] Mages use them to channel their magic and collect blot[16] or to power magical artifacts such as the chandeliers used in Night Raven College.[17] Every student at Night Raven College, with the exception of Grim, is given a magestone attached to a pen that they use to channel magic.[18] Night Raven College's outfits all contain pockets for their students to easily carry their magic pens, except for their ceremonial robes which have a key-shaped carrier for the pens attached to their waist.

Unique Magic

A Unique Magic (ユニーク魔法, Yunīku Mahō) (Signature Spell in EN) is a spell distinctive to the caster.[19] It is developed subconsciously and used on instinct the first time, as seen with Deuce's first time using his unique magic.[20] The name of the spell is also not consciously picked by the caster.[21]

Known Unique Magics

User Name Effect Caveats First Appearance
Riddle Rosehearts Off with Your Head! Casts a magic-sealing collar on a person Can be deflected by skilled opponents Prologue Chapter 3
Deuce Spade Bet the Limit Reflects an attacker's magic None known as of yet Episode 5-45
Cater Diamond Split Card Creates independently acting clones High stamina consumption Episode 1-4
Trey Clover Doodle Suit Overwrites attributes Effective for a short time Episode 1-14
Leona Kingscholar King's Roar Turns anything Leona touches into sand None known as of yet Episode 2-25
Jack Howl Unleash Beast Transforms Jack into a wolf None known as of yet Episode 2-26
Ruggie Bucchi Laugh With Me Forces others to mirror Ruggie's movements Can only control one target at a time Episode 2-2
Azul Ashengrotto It's A Deal Allows Azul to steal someone's abilities High blot production Episode 3-33
Jade Leech Shock the Heart Forces someone who looks into Jade's left eye to speak the truth Limited duration of effect (5 minutes), can only be cast once per target (regardless of its outcome), and easily countered by wary opponents Episode 3-1
Floyd Leech Bind The Heart Forces opponent's attacks to miss Effectiveness is highly dependent on Floyd's mood Episode 3-18
Kalim Al-Asim Oasis Maker Creates a large amount of water using a small amount of magic None known as of yet Episode 4-14
Jamil Viper Snake Whisper Hypnotizes someone who looks into Jamil's eyes Duration of control is dependent on the opponent's abilities, and can be countered using magic like Bind The Heart Episode 4-6
Vil Schoenheit Fairest One of All Places a curse with specific conditions on any object Any curses created cannot be dispelled until the conditions have activated Episode 5-32
Epel Felmier Sleep Kiss Places someone in a magical slumber inside a glass coffin None known as of yet Episode 6-57
Rook Hunt I See You Allows Rook to track any marked target Requires Rook to tag the target with his magic before it can be used. Has no offensive qualities. Cannot be able to track his target temporarily if they enter a certain region or use means of transport that blocks off magic completely Episode 6-25
Idia Shroud Gate to Underworld Allows Idia to open and close the gate to the "Underworld" None known as of yet Episode 6-68
Malleus Draconia Fae of Maleficence Allows Malleus to cast a forest of thorns and places everyone within to sleep. None known as of yet Episode 7-37
Silver Meet in a Dream Allows Silver to jump into other people’s dream. Only can be used while asleep. Cannot choose the dream that is jumped to. The dreamer is indicated by a white bird-like wisp. Episode 7
Chenya Allows Chenya to disappear and reappear his body parts at will None known as of yet Episode 1-18
Rollo Flamme Dark Fire Allows Rollo to wrap his body with flames and manipulate them at will Glorious Masquerade Episode 5-5


Blot (ブロット, Burotto) is an ink-like substance created as a byproduct of magic use.[22] The amount of blot created by a spell is influenced by a person's emotions, with negative emotions like anger, fear, and sadness causing more blot to be created. Blot will accumulate inside the caster of a spell unless they use a magestone to collect it. Every person has a natural amount of blot they can tolerate on their own, and this amount generally does not increase or decrease with the amount of mana a user has. Blot naturally fades with rest and self-care. If the amount of blot accumulated inside the caster exceeds their blot tolerance, overblot occurs.[16]


Overblot (オーバーブロット, Ōbāburotto) is a negative state that occurs when a mage accumulates more blot than they can tolerate.[16] The blot then manifests as a Phantom representing the negative emotions of the caster. The Phantom will then drain the mage's magic until it "runs out," causing the mage to disappear and leave only the Phantom remaining.[23] In order to end the overblot, the caster must be separated from the Phantom. If the phantom and the mage can be separated, the phantom will disappear, and the excess blot will crystalize.[24]

Overblot can also occur if powerful curses or sealed Phantoms are released.[25]

  • In Episode of Heartslabyul, it was shown that one of the side effects of overblotting is the victim starts leaking black ink from their head as they keep overusing their magic to corrupt them further. The final stage of blotting has the victims undergo a painful transformation once they fully overload their magic.[26]

Known Overblot users

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.


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