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Magical Shift (マジカルシフト, Majikaru shifuto) or Magift (マジフト, Majifuto) (JP)/Spelldrive (EN) is a popular sports game in Twisted Wonderland. Two teams of seven players each play against each other and try to score points by throwing a disk through the other team's goal and the team with the most points wins. Magic is required for Magift, as the disc is moved with magic, and magic is used to attack and defend against the opposing team. Players generally use the flashiest magic they can in order to show off their skills.[1] While physical blocking is allowed,[2] direct magical attacks are forbidden.[3]

Night Raven College is known throughout Twisted Wonderland for its Magift players and has produced many pro-level players.[1] Savanaclaw specifically is dedicated to the sport, never once placing below third.[4] Magift clubs are the most popular out of all sports clubs in magical schools.[5]


Night Raven College Interdorm Tournament

Night Raven College hosts a large interdorm Magift tournament every year in October.[6] The game is large enough to attract both pro-league Magift recruiters and people scouting for up-and-coming magical talent. Tickets are sold to the public to attend to watch in person and VIP tickets are sent out, but the event is also broadcast worldwide.[1]

In the interdorm tournament, Octavinelle usually ranks last, but did better in the tournament in chapter 2.[7] However, Scarabia didn't place at all.[8]

Inter-School Tournament

It is currently unknown exactly what or how many schools participate in the Inter-School Magift Tournament, but it is held between various magical schools every year in May. Every year, Royal Sword Academy and NRC compete against each other. For the past 99 years, NRC has lost to RSA due to RSA's teamwork.[9]

Notable Players

Current Players

  • Trey Clover is considered the star player on the Heartslabyul team.[10]
  • Jack Howl had athletic notoriety even before enrolling in NRC, and was rumored to have invitations to join several major teams.[11]
  • Ruggie Bucchi is known for using his smaller size and speed to steal the disc and make unpredictable moves. He was known as the 'Disc Thief' by commentators on live streams of the game.[12]
  • Leona Kingscholar is the most well-known current Magift player and leader of the Magift club.[12] Cater Diamond refers to him as a 'magift legend,'[13] and Jack Howl was so impressed by his performance three years prior to the game's events that it was the reason he chose to attend NRC.[14] Leona is capable of holding onto the disc for an extended period of time even against multiple opponents.[15] Leona states that while he isn't a fan of the physical portion of Magift, he likes the strategy and wit.[16]
  • Jade and Floyd Leech work incredibly well as a team in games, making combo attacks that other teams cannot counter.[17] When Floyd is serious about the game, even fellow talented player Ruggie Bucchi cannot stop him.[18]
  • Rook Hunt was a standout player in the Magift tournament a year prior to the game's events.[17]
  • Epel Felmier is a Magift club member. He's improved greatly since he joined the club, and he has been given permission to play in the next Magift club game.[19]
  • Malleus Draconia dominates Magift games due to his impressive magical power; nobody, even his own teammates, can cast a spell before him.[4] In the tournament prior to the events of the game, Malleus summoned mountains and lightning.[20] Since he started as a player, not a single dorm has scored a point against Diasomnia, and Malleus himself is responsible for 90% of the team's points.[4]

Former Players

  • Ashton Vargas describes himself as good at Magift, and he played Magift when he was in school and against Night Raven College.[21] He is currently the Magift Team advisor.[12]


  • MC (Yuu) remarks that Magift reminds them of American football.[1]
  • The magift disk is created using a special type of gold.[22]
  • On the Twistunes for Episode 2, when a game is happening, Grim is seen carrying the disk, while his team members attack and defend using magic, running at his side. The other team is seen casting spells while on brooms.


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