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Malleus Draconia is a third-year student and the dorm leader of Diasomnia. He is a descendant of the fairies, and his magic power is among the strongest in the world. He has a distinguished presence at Night Raven College, but his powerful aura causes the other students to keep their distance.

(translated from the Japanese version by daeva-agas)


Malleus has pale skin, glowing green eyes, and a pair of large black horns that protrude from his long, dark hair. His nails are black. His dorm outfit consists of an asymmetrical and ornate black uniform jacket with lime green accents over jodhpur pants of the same coloring, embossed leather gloves that reach his elbows, a small pillbox hat, and heeled black leather boots. A holster-style leather belt holds spools of thread at his waist. Malleus's cape, whose outside is embossed with patterns of thorny rose stalks, is pinned to his left shoulder by a silver brooch of a dragon head that also connects to two silver aiguillettes.


Malleus has been described by many students, even amongst the dorm leaders, to have a powerful aura that wards away most people from approaching him. Additionally, he is also considered one of the top 5 most powerful magicians in the world. This, combined with Malleus's altered perception of time as a fae, has resulted in him being left out of most invitations to ceremonies and events.

Malleus himself does not interact closely with other students beyond Lilia, Silver, and Sebek of Diasomnia, who hail from his hometown. This has only resulted in his further isolation. Despite enjoying time alone from his concerned and watchful attendants in exploring abandoned buildings, Malleus shows signs of loneliness and a desire to connect normally with others. He is also said to have a naïve and childish side to him, as he grew up isolated from the outside world in Briar Valley. This naïvety is evident in the Al'ab Nariya event, as seen in the scenes when he was in a car for the first time and when he was shopping in the bazaar.

Despite his naïvety, Malleus has the mindset of being more mature and knowledgeable than those around him. He has commented on the MC's naïvety a few times, and he has once commented that he was a generous fairy in the Fairy Gala event.

Malleus has grown exhausted of being feared by those around him and so takes pleasure in the MC's obliviousness of his true identity. The bond between MC and Malleus progresses very noticeably, as seen when he comments on how them being gone is an uncomfortable feeling to him. This affection for MC is also evident in the Halloween event, when he decorates their dorm for Halloween so they can have fun and be included in the festivities with everyone else.

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

After he finds out Lilia is planning to drop out of Night Raven College due to losing his magic, he wasn't happy about this. As he refuses to accept Lilia leaving his life forever, he came up with extreme measures to put everyone on Sage's Island into eternal sleep so that there is no sad ending.[1]

Skills and Magic

  • Athleticism: Malleus can run extremely fast runs fast to the point that he shows up as a blur in photos.[2][3]
  • Strength: Malleus has super human strength. He claimed that he is able to carve rocks with his bare hands.[3] He cracked coconuts for the group with his bare hands during the trip to the Scalding Sands.[citation needed]
  • Fire breathing: Malleus has the ability to breathe fire since he was an infant.[3][4]
  • Flying: Malleus has the ability to fly. Although it is unclear if he has wings or uses magic for flight.[3]
  • Magic Mastery: Because Malleus grew up around magic his whole life, he had a lot of opportunity to practice to the point where he can use two different elements of magic at once.[5] He also has a large amount of magic.[3] In Briar Valley, he is in charge of lighting the fires in all the lanterns in the whole country.[6] However, he says that his grandmother is much more powerful than he is.[7]

Unique Magic

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Malleus' unique magic is called "Fae of Maleficence" ((), TBA; lit. "Blessing"). Malleus can cast a forest of thorns and places everyone within to sleep.


  • The name Malleus could potentially refer to the well-known treatise on witchcraft titled "Malleus Maleficarum".[citation needed]
  • His nickname Tsunotarou is composed of 角 (tsuno) which means "horn" and 太郎 (tarou) which means "eldest son" in Japanese.
  • Malleus is the only known character whose ceremonial robes are custom-made. He has holes embroidered in the hood to accommodate for his horns.[8]
  • Malleus has forehead markings which were first revealed in the Magical Archives. In the game, they are slightly visible in his Master Chef cards and sprites.
  • Based on Malleus' room background images:
    • He likely uses special pillows to accommodate his horns.
    • The figurine-like statues on his desk strongly resemble Maleficent's personal servants.


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