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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday
Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC Campus News

Interview with the Birthday Student
~Malleus ver.~

Happy birthday! That outfit looks good on you.
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Does it? I hardly ever wear white, so this feels new and different.

I’m certain I would have never worn pure white clothing like this in public had I not left Briar Valley.

"What color of clothing do you usually wear?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Black. That color is considered the most noble in the Draconia family.

As a royal, my outfits have been predominantly black since I was a child.

But knowing this was a special opportunity, I put this suit on… and discovered that white is not bad at all.

"How does it feel that your birthday has come around?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
I don’t feel any different than usual. I’m neither elated nor sentimental.

Unlike you humans, faeries like us retain the same form for many years.

In my eyes, it’s peculiar that humans get so excited when their birthday arrives.

"What do you mean?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Humans have a very short lifespan. They should only live for about one hundred years, yes?

When their birthday arrives, it means that one of their precious years has come to an end.

And yet they have so much fun celebrating it… It’s difficult for me to understand.

"I’ve never thought of it like that."
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Heh. Is it that you’re oblivious, or are you simply indifferent?

…Perhaps humans are so eager to have fun precisely because their lifespans are so short.

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"I heard that you’re a mage among mages at this school. What kind of magic are you best at?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
I don’t have any particular strengths or weaknesses as far as magic goes.

From your standpoint, it might appear as though I’m good at all of it.

I have an idea. Everyone went out of their way to attend this party, so why don’t I liven it up with a touch of magic?

They say the Fairy of Thorns once wound her thorns around a castle in the blink of an eye.

I think I’ll try my hand at manifesting thorns of my own to decorate this venue.

"That could be dangerous."
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
! …I see.

I was hoping to please you as thanks for today… This is more difficult than I thought.

"Besides magic, what else are you good at?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
I’m quite confident in my ability to play stringed instruments.

Lilia taught me all of the basics when I lived in Briar Valley.

I wasn’t allowed to go out much as a child, so I spent a great deal of time alone in the castle.

That gave me plenty of time to practice. I can play almost every stringed instrument now.

I’m best at classical instruments like the violin and cello.

"Why don’t you join the band club?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
…I have considered it, as a matter of fact. Lilia once invited me.

But when I went to take a look, I couldn’t figure out how to properly use the electric violin they had put out.

It gave off such a deafening screech that several students in the room collapsed.

I recall even Diamond had fallen over foaming at the mouth…

Lilia couldn’t stop laughing, but that was a terrible thing I did to everyone…

Ever since then, I haven’t shown my face back at the band club. I have no intention of joining in the future either.

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Have you heard from your family at all?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Yes. I received a card from my grandmother, my only blood relative.

She is the Queen of Briar Valley. While I’m studying abroad, she has to take care of all official duties herself. I’m certain she is very busy.

In fact, she is so intrinsically busy that she shouldn’t have the time to write letters, and yet she sends me a card every year without fail.

I greatly respect her for her thought and consideration.

Her cards always come with rose seeds alongside the birthday wishes.

I used to plant them every year in the castle’s garden when I lived in Briar Valley. It’s grown into a brilliant rose garden now.

"Wow, that’s amazing."
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Yes. Of course it’s beautiful when the flowers are in full bloom, but it also feels rather serene and entrancing after the petals have fallen.

That garden is my pride and joy. If you ever come to Briar Valley, I’ll show it to you.

"What’s your favorite food?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Frozen desserts. Whenever I breathe fire, the inside of my mouth grows hot. Indulging in them during those moments makes the taste exceptional.

They make all sorts of frozen desserts these days. It’s interesting to see the different flavors and shapes.

Oh, incidentally, I found one with the word “Winner” written on the stick the other day. Isn’t that curious?

It’s valuable, so I’m keeping it in a safe place. I plan on taking it back with me to Briar Valley once I graduate.

"What’s your least favorite food?"
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
…Whole cakes. I don’t hate sweets, but those are far too big.

They are served at birthdays and the like… but they give me heartburn and I can never finish eating them.

"You’re not supposed to eat it all yourself."
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Of course I know that. But I never had anyone to eat them with during celebrations.
"Let’s all share one at the party today."
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Story Malleus Birthday.png
Yes, let’s do that. Perhaps that will change my impression of them. I’m looking forward to it.
Once again, happy birthday!
Card Malleus SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png
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