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The NRC Unified Exams refer to a kind of event that requires players to challenge themselves in special battles. It functions similarly to Tests. There is no event story associated with these events, but it is the only event that contains limited voice lines for the Night Raven College Staff.

Event Details

The Unified Exams are the only kind of event that carries over its event currency across future events. In order to participate, you have to clear Episode 1 - The Crimson Tyrant (the same condition to unlock Tests). There are two types of tests, Basic and Defense. Basic Tests are the same as regular test battles, in that the scores are determined by relative damage dealt. Defense Tests are battles where the more HP you have left after the battle is finished, the higher your score is.

How To Play

  1. Every day, you are given 10 attempts to challenge the battles: Fire, Water, Flora, Cosmic, and Omni.
    • Attempts cannot be restored using BP recovery items.
  2. The cumulative score from the 5 battles are summed up to determine your final ranking.
  3. In every battle, you can select 1 support card.
  4. After the event concludes, you get a final reward based on your ranking in the Unified Exam.
  5. The Crowley Medal Shop closes 1 week after the event concludes, so you will have time to spend your Crowley Medals.

Note: Although leftover Crowley Medals can be used in future Unified Exam events, the voicelines for each staff member in earlier exams only return in future exams that feature more voicelines from the same staff member again (i.e. voices for Dire Crowley will only be sold again if the next Unified Exam features his voices).

Event Screen Interface

1. Event end date and time in JST is indicated
イベント詳細: Event details
2. Shop button and number of Crowley Medals owned
3. 報酬一覧: Opens the ranking rewards (see below)

統一試験履歴: Opens your Unified Exams history

4. Displays your current cumulative/total score, rank, and remaining battle attempts for the day
5. Battles in the event. Their respective scores are displayed.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦


Support Selection


After tapping the battle you wish to challenge, you will be directed to select a support card. Friends will receive 1 Crowley Medal for each time their Support card is used for the day. Meanwhile, you will also receive 1 extra Crowley Medal from your battle. In the support screen, friends have an additional Crowley Medal icon next to FRIEND to illustrate this bonus.

Note: The only way to re-select a new support card is to return to the main event screen and to select the battle again.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Up to 10 Crowley Medals can be obtained through support card use by your friends. The following pop-up appears at the daily reset, 00:00 JST, if your support card was used by your friends.

You have gained the following items as part of your daily friend rewards.
[Number of times your support card was used: 5]
Crowley Medal Icon.png Crowley Medal x 5
※The maximum number of friend rewards you can obtain per day is 10.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Preparing for Battle

1. Your team is displayed together with your selected support card.

2. 編成変更: Modify team
3. Your current cumulative score, rank, and remaining battle attempts for the day
4. Battle information
5. Difficulty select. Tapping any of the buttons, directs you IMMEDIATELY to the battle

6. Current highest score for the selected battle
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦


If you beat your high score for the given battle, your cumulative score will increase accordingly.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Crowley Medal Gain

The Crowley Medal is the only currency available in this event. It is gained by:

  1. Winning an event battle - 3 medals
  2. Losing an event battle - 2 medals
  3. Using a support from your Friends list - additional 1 medal per attempt
  4. Having your friends use your support card in their battles - up to 10 medals a day
  5. Your final ranking reward at the end of the event - varies (see below)

Ranking Rewards

Rank Total Score Rewards
SSS 110,000 - Crowley Medals ×1,000
Madol ×300,000
"X Unified Exam SSS" Title
SS 90,001 - Crowley Medals ×800
Madols ×250,000
"X Unified Exam SS" Title
S 70,001 - Crowley Medals ×600
Madols ×200,000
"X Unified Exam S" Title
A 50,001 - Crowley Medals ×500
Madols ×150,000
"X Unified Exam A" Title
B 40,001 - Crowley Medals ×400
Madols ×120,000
"X Unified Exam B" Title
C 30,001 - Crowley Medals ×300
Madols ×90,000
"X Unified Exam C" Title
D 20,001 - Crowley Medals ×200
Madols ×60,000
"X Unified Exam D" Title
E 10,001 - Crowley Medals ×100
Madols ×45,000
"X Unified Exam E" Title
F 1 - Crowley Medals ×50
Madols ×30,000
"X Unified Exam F" Title

Events List

Click the links below to view event-specific information.

1st NRC Unified Exam 2nd NRC Unified Exam
1st NRC Unified Exam

July 28, 2020 16:00 - August 4, 2020 14:59 JST

2nd NRC Unified Exam

December 14, 2020 16:00 JST - December 21, 2020 14:59 JST

3rd NRC Unified Exam 4th NRC Unified Exam
3rd NRC Unified Exam

March 1, 2021 16:00 JST - March 8, 2021 14:59 JST

4th NRC Unified Exam

June 16, 2021 16:00 JST - June 24, 2021 14:59 JST

5th NRC Unified Exam 6th NRC Unified Exam
5th NRC Unified Exam

October 18, 2021 16:00 JST - October 27, 2021 14:59 JST

6th NRC Unified Exam

February 22, 2022 16:00 JST - March 3, 2022 14:59 JST


  • None of the Unified Exams have featured voicelines for Sam as of yet.

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