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Riddle's Mother

The mother of Riddle Rosehearts. She is a well-known magician. She was strict and hard on Riddle ever since he was young and would control everything he did, wanting him work harder.

Ace's Brother

The older brother of Ace Trappola. He is older than Ace by seven years and is an alumni of Night Raven College,[1] where he was a dorm member of Heartslabyul.[2] He seems to enjoy teasing Ace, as seen when, on Ace's birthday, he pretended to give Ace a fancy watch—only to switch it up and give him an empty box as a present instead.[3] Despite the teasing, they both appear to have a good relationship. Ace learned how to do card tricks from him, and they always have 'trick competitions' with each other whenever they're both at home.[4] They also call each other while Ace is away at school, sometimes talking late into the night.[5] According to Cater and Trey, Ace's brother got the job at a theme park.[6]

Cater's Sisters

The two older sisters of Cater Diamond. Not much information is known about the two sisters, but they played a heavy influence on Cater's extensive knowledge on trends and fashion. What is known about the sisters is that they had an overbearing presence on Cater, to point where he hates the mere thought of things that were forced onto him at adolescence by his older relatives.

Trey's Parents

The parents of Trey Clover and two unnamed children.

Cheka Kingscholar

Cheka is the son of Sunset Savanna's ruler, Falena Kingscholar, and is Leona Kingscholar's nephew. As the Sunset Savanna's crown prince, he is next in line to inherit the throne.


Cheka is a bright and bubbly child who greatly admires his uncle. He mails Leona letters on a presumably regular basis,[7] sends him presents on his birthday,[8] and is always excited to know whenever Leona is returning home from school.[9] However, this affection is seemingly to Leona's annoyance. Cheka's birth was the catalyst for Leona's enrollment in Night Raven College,[10] and Cheka's status as the next in line for the throne has caused Leona no small amount of emotional turmoil.[11] Cheka is seemingly oblivious to Leona's feelings and always acts very affectionate towards his uncle.



  • He calls Leona "oji-tan", a childish way of saying Uncle.
  • Cheka is based on Simba, a protagonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King.

Falena Kingscholar

Falena is the older brother of Leona Kingscholar. He is older than Leona by ten years and rules the Sunset Savanna in place of their ill father.[12]


Leona describes him as laid-back—enough so that it causes Leona to worry about their country's future.[13] Falena has also been described as carefree, bright, and cheerful.[14] Falena recognizes Leona's intelligence and seems concerned about his younger brother's well-being, as seen in Episode 2's flashback. This concern for his younger brother is further corroborated by Leona's comment of Falena being 'noisy' while 'always wanting to take care of [him.]'[15]

Najma Viper

Najma Viper is the younger sister of Jamil Viper.



  • Najma (نجمة) means "Star" in Arabic.
  • It is possible that she is a reference to Nasira, the main antagonist of Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge, a Disney Interactive 2000 game. However, unlike in the Disney game where Nasira was Jafar's fraternal twin sister, Najma is Jamil's younger sister.

Jamil's Father

The father of Jamil Viper and Najma Viper. He is a servant of the Asim family like his wife and two children, Jamil and Najma. He and his wife were adamant about Jamil presenting himself as less than Kalim as to not make him feel inferior to Jamil's intellect.

Jamil's Mother

The mother of Jamil Viper and Najma Viper. She is a servant of the Asim family like her husband and two children, Jamil and Najma. She and her husband were adamant about Jamil presenting himself as less than Kalim as to not make him feel inferior to Jamil's intellect.

Vil's Father

Vil's father, who goes by the stage name "Erik Venue" (エリック・ベニュー, Erikku Benyū), is a famous movie actor. He is shown to be a kind and loving father to his son, assuring Vil that his constant casting as a villain is due to his cute looks and talent and reading stories of the Fairest Queen to him. According to Vil, Eric would go home dressed in special effects makeup and clothes every Halloween.[16] It is revealed that he does not have magic like his son.[17]

Marja Felmier

She is the grandmother of Epel Felmier. She is a big fan of the Harveston's Kelkkarotu sled race and a former competitor.


She acts sweet and kind around Epel whenever the Harveston's Kelkkarotu sled race is not involved.


Character Images


Epel's Mother

She is the mother of Epel Felmier.

Mr. Shroud

He is the father of Idia Shroud and Ortho Shroud.


Mrs. Shroud

She is the mother of Idia Shroud and Ortho Shroud.