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Night Raven College

Night Raven College (ナイトレイベンカレッジ, Naito Reiben Karejji) is a prestigious, all-boys academy and the main setting of Twisted Wonderland. It is a four-year magic educational institution located on the Isle of Sages. Dire Crowley is the school's headmaster.


Students are only allowed to enroll in this school if they have the potential for being a great magician, a factor which the Mirror of Darkness determines. A black carriage will be sent to pick up incoming students personally, which can even travel underwater.[1] They are kept unconscious in coffins called "Gates" until arriving at the academy. In most cases, they can only be awoken if their Gate is unlocked with a special key,[2] however there are exceptions.

All students are given a magical pen upon enrollment. These are fountain pens that hold their magic gemstones, are also utilized as wands[3] and can also be used to verify if a student is enrolled in the school.[4] The color of one's gemstone is determined by which dorm they are in.


According to a legend in Twisted Wonderland, there once lived grand beings in this world collectively called the Great Seven. Each of the seven dormitories at Night Raven College are modeled after one of these Great Seven, and upon entering the school, students are sorted into these dorms based on the qualities of their souls. These dorms are:

  • Heartslabyul, founded on the severity of the Queen of Hearts
  • Savanaclaw, founded on the tenacity of the King of Beasts
  • Octavinelle, founded on the compassion of the Sea Witch
  • Scarabia, founded on the deliberation of the Sorcerer of the Sands
  • Pomefiore, founded on the unrelenting efforts of the Fairest Queen
  • Ignihyde, founded on the diligence of the Lord of the Underworld
  • Diasomnia, founded on the elegance of the Fairy of Thorns

However, there is a dorm that is not part of the seven main dormitories:

  • Ramshackle, a dorm that has been abandoned and occupied by ghosts.

Night Raven College also has a sports rivalry with Royal Sword Academy, another prestigious school for mages that other magically-gifted students (such as Chenya and Neige) attend. For the past 99 years, RSA has beaten NRC at the annual Inter-School Magift Tournament.

Traditions & Events


Students of Night Raven College have 5 different uniforms

  • School Uniform: This uniform is worn in all classes except PE. It consists of a white button-up, a vest in the student's dorm color, a black blazer and dress pants, black gloves, a black and white striped tie, and an arm ribbon in dorm colors and the dorm's crest. There are no standard uniform shoes. It does not seem to be any consequences for students modifying or wearing the uniform improperly, as many wear non-uniform shirts or forego different pieces of the uniform entirely.
  • Ceremonial Robes: The most formal out of all the uniforms.[5] The ceremonial robes are worn to formal events held on campus, including the entrance ceremony at the beginning of the year. They consist of black pants and a collared black shirt with long sleeves that loop around the middle finger, a black hooded robe with golden embroidery and purple lining with crossed keys, and a purple belt with golden close. The ceremonial robes are the only uniform to not feature a breast pocket for magical pens, having a golden key-shaped chain holster worn around the waist instead.
  • PE Uniform: The PE uniforms are black jumpsuits with dorm-colored accents on the shoulders, arms, and legs. The right breast pocket features the dorm emblem and a label reading NRC and a student's class and seat number are over the left pocket. The sleeves and pants are able to be shortened. Students also wear dorm-colored t-shirts with the dorm logo on the right-side chest and their dorm name on the right sleeve.
  • Labwear: Students wear their lab gear over their school uniforms. It consists of a white lab coat with a left breast pocket with a dorm color stripe and the dorm logo on the left sleeve, black rubber gloves, and goggles in the dorm color. For students who wear glasses, their goggles have prescription lenses.[6]
  • Dorm Uniform: Dorm uniforms are worn for formal dorm occasions. They are different for every dorm. The dorm leaders are allowed to freely modify and alter the dorm uniform as they choose.[7]


In-game map of the campus

Night Raven College's campus is located at the north of Sage's Island on top of a mountain with the main building located on an elevated piece of land. The 7 main dorms are located in their own dimensions that each have different environments[8] and are connected to the island through the Hall of Mirrors. Unlike the rest of the dorms, Ramshackle Dorm is located on Sage Island instead of a separate dimension.

Campus Locations

  • Main Building: The main building of campus, where most classes are held.
    • Mirror Chamber: The mirror chamber is inside the main building and is used for many different purposes: the Entrance Ceremony, dorm leader meetings,[9] and other school assemblies.[10]
  • Coliseum: The Coliseum is used for Magical Shift matches, defensive magic exams, and duels for the dorm leader position. It has a barrier to prevent damage being done to the rest of campus.[11] It's also used for large events such as the Vocal & Dance Championship .
  • Mr. S's Mystery Shop: Run by Sam where students can buy anything they need.
  • Gymnasium and Sports Field: For PE Classes and Sport Clubs.
  • Stables: The stables hold horses for the Equestrian Club, which is responsible for cleaning the stables.[12]
  • Botanical Garden: The botanical garden is open to all students.[13] to use for growing plants for both potionology classes and personal projects.[14]

School Life

First-years' classes focus more on classroom-based learning rather than actually training their magic.[15] Fourth-years are sent on long-term internships all over the world starting early on in the year; they don't return to campus until the cultural festival in February.[16] Every year, there are always dropouts or students who have to repeat a year - but ever since Riddle became dorm leader, there have been no such cases in Heartslabyul.[17]


All Night Raven College students are required to join a club. There is a Student Club Fair held at the beginning of each school year.[18]

Name Members
Light Music Club
Equestrian Club
Basketball Club
Science Club
Magical Shift Team
Track and Field
Mountain Lovers Association
Board Game Club
Film Studies Club
Gargoyle Appreciation Club
Gourmet Club

Known Rules

  • It is against the rules to have an untrained familiar with you.[2]
  • You can't use magic in fights unless supervised by a teacher.[19]
  • You can't use your Unique Magic during classes.[20]


  • The design of the Gates is supposed to signify "parting from the other world and being reborn anew."[2]
  • The founding date of the Night Raven College, March 18th, references the original release of the game. In the English localization, the founding date changes to January 20th, which references the localization release of the game.[21]
  • At the beginning of the main story, approximately two hundred freshmen enrolled into Night Raven College.[22]


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