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Happy Birthday
Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Bg 16116.png
Ignihyde Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC School Newspaper

Special Feature: Interview with Birthday Person
~Ortho Version~

Happy Birthday
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Thank you! Ehehe, I’m happy that a bunch of people came to celebrate.
Did you receive a birthday gift?
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Yep. I received an air duster about the size of my palm from my brother. Of course, it’s a specially handcrafted item!

Not only is it easy to carry due to its small size, it’s an amazing item where the wind pressure can be adjusted up to 10 levels based on the amount of magical energy used.

Moreover, a blue flame-like effect is released along with the air. Doesn’t it look just like my hair?

He said it was made using LED lights and the casting functions of a projector.

My brother is really amazingly committed to the tools for my maintenance.

If I didn’t have to worry about maintenance, I feel like it wouldn’t matter what it looked like but…

The fact that the air comes out looking like blue flames is really cool, so I can’t wait to use the air duster now!

Even I’m surprised that I’m getting super excited like this.

I wonder if my brother expected such a change in the A.I. that controls my emotions?

… of course he did! Cause he’s my brother after all. Ufufu.

What birthday memory left the strongest impression?
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Eleven years ago… The data I have from when I was five years old is the largest. There are pictures and videos still remaining.

That year, my brother made me a treasure map.

He had just hidden presents for me at the goal, but…

Along the way, he had prepared so many puzzles for me to solve, it was super elaborate!

Back then, thanks to all the games we used to play together, I would tell him “I want to have an adventure” almost every day.

My brother helped that wish come true. Fufun, isn’t it a beautiful memory?

I bet it would be fun to play with my brother like that again. Maybe this time I’ll make the treasure map?

Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Bg 16116.png
Ignihyde Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
Tell me how you normally spend your time at school?
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Usually, I take class with my brother. Ah, but not during tests.

During the times that I cannot be near my brother, I’m walking around the school or talking with a bunch of different people.

Oh yeah! The other day, I was allowed to read some books over at Trein-sensei’s place.

He also played board games with me, it was really fun.

I’ve never met mine before, but if I had a “grandpa”, I guess he could be like that.

And then, when I go to see Trein-sensei, I also look forward to chatting with Lucius.

You can speak to animals?
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
I have an app that can analyze the emotions of their voice, as well as an app that can reproduce their cries, so it’s possible for me to hold a simple conversation.

I found open-source apps on the internet and installed it myself.

However, neither app is very sophisticated, so it’s really hard to tell if it’s translating properly.

Once, when I analyzed Lucius’s cries after he ate, it resulted with the translation, “I want to eat more.”

But when I tried to give him additional food, he wouldn’t touch it at all… See, it’s not that good right?

He went right to sleep afterwards, so he was probably saying “I’m sleepy.”

Recently, I’ve been updating the app based on Lucius’ reactions. The accuracy should be much more improved now.

Of course, if I just installed animal linguistics, then it would be possible to carry on smoother conversations.

But, I’m purposefully restricting myself from doing that. …Why am I going through the trouble?

I enjoy updating my knowledge from external stimuli.

If I do that, then I can feel like I am “learning” just like humans.

Besides, using this kind of learning method allows for unpredictable results. It’s fun!

Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Bg 16116.png
Ignihyde Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
Is there anything you’ve been interested in recently?
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
I’m really into watching movies.

I say that, but originally I started watching it to learn people’s emotions.

Soon after my brother created me, I wasn’t very good at human-like behavior.

I didn’t really know when I was supposed to be angry or laughing.

However, movies helped me solve that problem.

I was able to learn the timing of releasing certain emotions and how to respond more naturally to conversations, it’s the best teaching materials for understanding humans!

As I became more and more able to hold smoother conversations, my brother also spoke more often to me… I was so happy.

Now, watching movies is more or less like a hobby.

Do you interact with others in the dorm?
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Story Ortho Birthday.png
Yep! We often play competitive app games together.

I don’t normally play that many computer games.

I can immediately predict numerous possible strategies so I usually end up winning easily, and I’m unable to have that much fun.

However, it’s different when I’m playing with the guys in the dorm!

No matter how many times they lose, everyone keeps challenging me with new strategies, so it’s fun to play against them.

They’re all working together to beat me and are making a “Strategy Guide Against Ortho”.

What’s more, they’re aggregating all the information thoroughly without a single device, just using handwritten notes.

That’s because even strict security locks won’t work on me.

I think making their notes all analog is an effective counter-measure in order to hide their information.

But… by expanding the functions of my sound collection device, I can eavesdrop on their counter-measures meeting, so actually I know everything that’s going into it. Ehehe.

I’m also not going to lose so easily.

Ehe, I never thought dorm life would be this fun. I’m glad I was able to come to this school with my brother.

Thank you for letting me listen to many of your stories. Once again, Happy Birthday.
File:Card Ortho SSR Birthday Gear Up Groovy.png
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