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Prologue - Welcome to the Villains' World
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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB, and proofread by amplified (JP), and Sonic (EN).

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Chapter 4: Confusing Amnesia!
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There really isn't anything.

Not only the world map, but the name of your home isn't written in any history.

Are you truly from where you say? You aren't lying to me by chance?

Looking at all this, you may have somehow been brought here from another planet...

Or another world due to some sort of mix up.

Choice 1: I'm an alien!? Choice 2: Another world?!
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Story Crowley.png
What did you have on you when you came here?

Do you happen to have anything that can verify your identity, like a driver's license for a magic car, or a slipper...? You appear to be empty handed.

Choice 1: Now that you mention it, I don't have my wallet or phone. Choice 2: As you can see, I'm empty handed.
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Story Crowley.png
This is concerning.

I can't just let someone who can't use magic to stay at school.

However, as an educator, I can't just toss a penniless teenager who has no means of contacting their guardians out on the street.

For I am gracious.

Hmmmm... I know!

Story Crowley.png
Story Crowley.png
There is an unused building on campus.

It was once used as a dormitory in the past so if you can clean it up, you should at least be able to sleep there.

For the time being, I shall allow you to stay there!

Then I will look for a way for you to return home.

My graciousness is limitless! I am a model for all educators.

We had better be on our way. Let's head to the dormitory. It may be a bit old but there is a certain charm to it.

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