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Main Story

The Rhythmic translations for the Main Story have been split based on Episode. Please click on the tabs below to proceed.

Rhythmic Type Audio
Prologue 2: Let's Capture Grim! Green Notes
Prologue 5: Let's Defeat The Ghosts! Red & Blue Notes
Prologue 6: Let's Take On The Headmaster's Challenge! Red & Blue Notes
Prologue 12: Let's Chase After Grim! Green Notes
Prologue 14: Let's Run Away From The Ghosts! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 1
Rhythmic Type Audio
Episode 1-3: Let's Paint the Roses Red! Purple Notes
Episode 1-5: Let's Bring Grim Back! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 1-10: Let's Begin the Preparations! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 1-13: Let's Make a Chestnut Tart! Green Notes
Episode 1-15: Let's Quickly Paint the Roses! Purple Notes
Episode 1-28: Let's Paint the Roses with Everybody! Purple Notes
Episode 2
Rhythmic Type Audio
Episode 2-7: Let's Play Magift! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 2-13: A Game of Magift! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 2-18: Catch Ruggie! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 2-29: Let's Play in the Magift Tournament! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 3
Rhythmic Type Audio
Episode 3-9: Help in the Lounge! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 3-14: Let's Join Morning Practice! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 3-39: Let's Serve Everyone! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 4
Rhythmic Type Audio
Episode 4-5: Let's Help Cook! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 4-13: Let's March to the Oasis! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 4-16: Let's Join Training! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 4-29: Let's Make Lunch! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 4-38: Let's Enjoy the Parade! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5
Rhythmic Type Audio
Episode 5-8: Let's Start Dance Practice! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5-11: Let's See the Results of our Training! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5-16: Let's Go Audition! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5-21: Training Camp Starts! (Lyrics) Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5-26: Let's Try Dancing to the New Song! Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5-35: Let's Begin Our Dance Lessons! Purple Notes
Episode 5-46: Perform for the Headmaster! Purple Notes
Episode 5-57: Rehearsals Begin! Purple Notes
Episode 5-59: Have Fun Singing and Dancing! (Lyrics) Red & Blue Notes
Episode 5-68: Time for VDC! (Lyrics) Red & Blue Notes
Episode 6
Rhythmic Type Audio
Episode 6-86: Let’s Play a Game Together! Red & Blue Notes


Rhythmic Type Audio
First Anniversary
Celebrate Anniversary! Red & Blue Notes
Second Anniversary
Celebrate Anniversary! Red & Blue Notes
Third Anniversary
Celebrate Anniversary! Red & Blue Notes
Fairy Gala ~Festival of the Spring-Calling Fairies~
Let's Runway Walk! Red & Blue Notes
Start the Lesson! Red & Blue Notes
Let's Face Fairy Gala! Red & Blue Notes
Fairy Gala What if? ~The Fantastical Festival of Fairies~
Let's Show Off Our Skills! Red & Blue Notes
Let's Show Our Winning Performance! Red & Blue Notes
Let's Shine at the Fairy Gala! Red & Blue Notes
Wish Upon a Star ~Dance and Wishes~
Let's Practice The Dance! Red & Blue Notes
Let's Practice The Dance and Taiko! Red & Blue Notes
Let's Succeed in Star Sending! Red & Blue Notes
Scary Monsters! ~Screaming Halloween Show~
Let's Enjoy Halloween! Red & Blue Notes
Scary Monsters! ~Endless Halloween Night~
Let's Dance Together! Red & Blue Notes
Scalding Sands' Al'ab Nariya
Let's Dance Under the Fireworks! Red & Blue Notes
Harveston's Kelkkarotu
Let's Catch Up to 1st Place! Red & Blue Notes
Let's Jump Over the Valley! Red & Blue Notes
Welcome to Tsumsted Wonderland!
Let's Chase the Tsum! Red & Blue Notes
Let's See Off the Tsums! Red & Blue Notes
Welcome to Tsumsted Wonderland! Part 2
Let's Cook with the Tsums! Red & Blue Notes
Let's See Off the Tsums! Red & Blue Notes
Port Fest ~Breezy Brass Beat~
TBA Red & Blue Notes
TBA Red & Blue Notes
Glorious Masquerade ~Crimson Flowers and the Bell of Salvation~
TBA Red & Blue Notes
Let's Give a Present at the Ball! (Lyrics) Red & Blue Notes
Sunset Savanna's Tamashina-Mina
TBA Red & Blue Notes

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