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Riddle Rosehearts is a second-year and the dorm head of Heartslabyul. He strictly upholds strange rules made by the Queen of Hearts. He's feared by the rest of the students because of his severe punishments toward those who break the rules.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Riddle has red, mid-length hair that curves inward, V-shaped bangs covering his forehead, side bangs, and two strands of hair forming a heart on top of his head. He has a stern look and silver eyes.

He wears a small crown leaning on the left side of his head. His outfit consists of a white and red coat dress with the bottom being lined with a gold-colored fabric. The inside of the coat dress is entirely red and has a pattern consisting of tiny hearts, spades, diamonds, clovers, and crowns. He also wears white trousers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Riddle Rosehearts is a hard-working individual and one who is fully determined to be at the top of his field, competent inside and outside of his school activities. He is known to help his peers in need, whether it be underclassmen, upperclassmen, or fellow students from the same grade. As studies are his forte, he will aid those who struggle academically, as seen with his interactions with fellow student and dorm leader Kalim, and his underclassman, Deuce. He is also capable of seeing potential in a person, as he views Epel as someone who can grow and reach to the fullest of his abilities and thus supports him in his growth. Riddle is also intelligent and more than capable in the fields and studies he pursued, often being the top of his peers and maintaining such position. As such, he is able to master studies that are supposedly above his grades, as he helped Cater, an upperclassman, in his studies.

Riddle sees the Queen of Hearts as a role model and holds dear the principles she has cemented, finding her elements befitting for all to follow as an example. Just like the Queen of Hearts, Riddle is a very strict and stern leader figure, demanding those around him, whether inside or outside of the dorm he orders to bid by the rules, and will not hesitate to punish those he saw has broken said rules. Like the Queen herself, Riddle has a short temper and has a knack of throwing tantrums. His tantrums are often seen when one points out his height, which is one of the shortest among the students. Riddle is known to be insecure about his height, and dislikes it when it is pointed out.

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Riddle used to be a regular child who simply wanted to have fun and eat what he wanted. However, he learned to conceal his own wishes and follow the his mother's rules by justifying her restrictions to be the "correct" way to live. This may have contributed to Riddle’s twisted sense of superiority and righteousness in his dorm, where the students must follow their dorm leader's orders no matter what.

As a child, Riddle greatly treasured his bond with both Trey and Chenya, even after the separation forced by his own mother. This can be seen in Episode 1 - The Crimson Tyrant, when he spared Trey of his punishment. Riddle’s lack of social interaction with children his age may have resulted in his childhood friends leaving a great impact on his growth.

During the events of Episode 1 of the main story, Riddle is tyrannical in his control over his dorm students and a perfectionist, mirroring the characteristics of the Queen of Hearts. When he sees the smallest of errors, he would go into a tantrum, and use his Unique Magic over minor mistakes. He believed that everyone had to follow the rules and listen to his orders because it was the right way to do things, as seen when he demanded all of his dorm members to memorise all 810 rules of the Queen of Hearts.

During the peak of his Overblot, Riddle has lost most, if not all of his rationality. When he was called out on his tyranny, he pushes himself to the limit and casts his Unique Magic on all of his dorm members without a thought in a fit of rage. He also seems to gain a sense of narcissism, calling his way of ruling the best as nobody has dropped out or failed in his dorm since his rule, and was even angered when his Unique Magic was temporarily overwritten by Trey’s.

After Ace, Deuce, Trey, Cater, MC/Yuu and Grim worked together to defeat him in his Overblot form, Riddle is shown to be immensely remorseful for his earlier actions in the story, and wishes to change for the better and cooperate with his peers. This, and years of repressing his wants for his mother's expectations, eventually led to him bursting into tears as Deuce, Trey, Cater, MC/Yuu, and Grim comforted him.

After the events of Episode 1, Riddle still sticks to the rules set by the Queen of Hearts, and is still as strict as ever. However, he has learnt to be more patient and forgiving, giving second chances to students who simply didn’t know any better and no longer demands unreachable heights from his peers.

Skills and Magic[edit | edit source]

Fire Magic: Riddle seems to be very adept at fire magic as seen in his Ghost Bride story, the beginning of the official manga, and other various times. In the manga, Riddle's fire magic is strong enough to completely destroy a Phantom Miner.[1]

Unique Magic[edit | edit source]

Riddle's unique magic is called "Off with Your Head!" (首をはねろ!(オフ・ウィズ・ユアヘッド!), Ofu Wizu Yua Heddo!; lit. "Decapitate the head!"). It causes a collar to lock around one's neck, sealing away their magic until he takes it off.[2]. In the Episode of Heartslabyul manga, his unique magic can also be used on non-magic users even though it's not necessary.[3]

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

While the collar cannot be removed by the victims themselves once it locks, it can be countered with defensive magic before the locking occurs.


Only two instances have been shown: with Trey Clover in the climax of Episode 1, and with Leona Kingscholar in the climax of Episode 2 - The Rebel of the Savanna. Leona deflected Off with Your Head! using defensive magic[4] while Trey overwrote Riddle's magic with his own Doodle Suit. In the manga, the collar doesn't seem to have any effects on Yuuken's visions.[5]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Riddle's name is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland's protagonist, Alice Liddell, as "Liddell" and "riddle" are phonetically similar in Japanese. The last name Rosehearts comes from the words "rose" as a reference to the Queen's favorite flowers; and "hearts" as a more overt reference to the Queen of Hearts.
  • His horse in the Equestrian Club is named Vorpal.[6]
  • He can recite all 810 rules of the Queen of Hearts from memory.[7]

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