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Riddle Rosehearts is a second-year and the dorm head of Heartslabyul. He strictly upholds strange rules made by the Queen of Hearts. He's feared by the rest of the students because of his severe punishments toward those who break the rules.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)


Riddle has red, mid-length hair that curves inward, V-shaped bangs covering his forehead, side bangs, and two strands of hair forming a heart on top of his head. He has a stern look and silver eyes.

He wears a small crown leaning on the left side of his head. His outfit consists of a white and red coat dress with the bottom being lined with a gold-colored fabric. The inside of the coat dress is entirely red and has a pattern consisting of tiny hearts, spades, diamonds, clovers, and crowns. He also wears white trousers.


  • Hot-Tempered: Very quick to anger, Riddle is very sensitive to criticism or any insult to himself. Often getting provoked by Floyd's insults to his height and taking any comment about his lack of physical strength as an insult. This is part of what inevitably led Riddle to overblot as any and all opinions that differed from his led to hostility from Riddle, ultimately leading to him using his magic against his entire dorm and overblotting.
  • Authoritative: Riddle is a very strict and stern dorm leader demanding those around him, whether inside or outside of Heartslabyul to bid by the Queen's rules. Following the events of his overblotting Riddle noticed how his strictness was hurting both himself and his fellow dorm mates is learning to be more patient and forgiving, giving second chances to students who simply didn’t know any better and no longer demands unreachable heights from his peers.
  • Stubborn:
  • Hard Working: Riddle is a very hard-working individual and one who is fully determined to be at the top of his field, competent inside and outside of his school activities. Once Riddle has set his mind on something he's willing to do all the research necessary to achieve that goal, for example when committing himself to help Cater with his studies, Riddle reads and studies many books to try and condense the information from those books to a study guide to help Cater, and when that proves unhelpful for Cater, Riddle then learns how to use magicam to turn his study material into a form easier for Cater to digest.[1] Much of Riddle's hardworking nature was taught to him by his mother and her way of raising him. His childhood was spent learning all subjects and when he didn't understand a topic the lesson would continue until he did[2]
  • Animal Lover: Riddle is very fond of animals and sometimes goes out of his way to take care of them and play with them. As one of the students in charge of the Equestrian Club he emphasizes both the safety of the rider and the horse as part of the club's priorities [3]. Additionally as Heartslabyul takes care of hedgehogs and flamingos for their croquet matches one of Riddle's hobbies is to play with the hedgehogs and in his free time he'll even visit the hedgehogs and talk to them[4]. During his childhood one of the motivating factors that lead him to first sneak out with Trey and Chenya was a hedgehog Chenya happened to have in his pocket for croquet.[5]

Skills and Magic

  • Intelligence: Riddle is very intelligent as demonstrated by his consistent ranking as the top student in all of his classes[6]. Much of Riddle's intelligence stems from his hard work and ability to parse large books and texts fairly quickly. He's also able to condense many books down to a few magicam hashtags, showing his understanding of the material and ability to highlight the key points [1]
    • Memory:He also has an excellent memory as shown by his ability to memorize all 810 of Heartlabyul's rules, a feat not even the third years have done[7].
  • Magical Abilities: Riddle has been rigorously practicing magic since his youth at the instruction of his parents. This instruction allowed him to gain immense control over his magic, leading to Riddle mastering his unique magic at age 10[6].
    • Flying: Despite his below average physical strength, Riddle's control of his magic makes him one of the best flyers in his grade, able to do sharp turns, spins, and take off and land easily [8]
    • Fire Magic: Riddle's preferred spell of choice is fire magic as seen in his Suitor Suit story, the beginning of the official manga, and many other times throughout the main story. In the manga, Riddle's fire magic is shown to be strong enough to completely destroy a Phantom Miner.[9]
Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Based on Idia and Ortho Shroud's analysis at S.T.Y.X laboratory, Riddle magic invocation speed is incredibly fast and his magic reserves are a step ahead of other magic users his age. These could be attributed to his education from an early age. As such, they liken his magical prowess to an athlete who trains rather than an elite who is naturally talented.

In relation to his high power output, Riddle blot accumulation is relatively high. Riddle's mental state is easily influenced by external factors and this further increases his blot accumulation. In Idia's words, Riddle has “excellent magic power, but a fragile mind and body. High attack power but peaky status for defense. As such, he is best suited to be a ranged attacker in an MMORPG”.[10]

Unique Magic

Riddle's unique magic is called "Off with Your Head!" (首をはねろ!(オフ・ウィズ・ユアヘッド!), Ofu Wizu Yua Heddo!; lit. "Decapitate the head!"). It causes a collar to lock around one's neck, sealing away their magic until he takes it off.[11] His unique magic can be used on non-magic users, however it merely is an inconvenient collar for them, having no further affect on non-magic users.[12]

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

While the collar cannot be removed by the victims themselves once it locks, it can be countered with defensive magic before the locking occurs.


Only two instances have been shown: with Trey Clover in the climax of Episode 1, and with Leona Kingscholar in the climax of Episode 2 - The Rebel of the Savanna. Leona deflected Off with Your Head! using defensive magic[13] while Trey overwrote Riddle's magic with his own Doodle Suit.

Former Abilities

Blot manipulation: In the manga, Riddle can manipulate the essence of the blot in his Overblot form. He first demonstrates it by constructing card motif spears at Ace and the others.[14] The blots can repair themselves from any type of damage, however they can be overwritten by magic like Trey's unique magic, Doodle Suit.[15]


  • Riddle's name is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland's protagonist, Alice Liddell, as "Liddell" and "riddle" are phonetically similar in Japanese. The last name Rosehearts comes from the words "rose" as a reference to the Queen's favorite flowers; and "hearts" as a more overt reference to the Queen of Hearts.
    • His first name may also be a general nod to some of Alice in Wonderland's characters, who frequently speak in riddles.
  • His horse in the Equestrian Club is named Vorpal.[3]
    • This is most likely a reference to the vorpal sword, a weapon first mentioned in Lewis Carroll's short poem "Jabberwocky". The sword later appears in Tim Burton's live-action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland in 2010.


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