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Riddle logo.png Riddle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial “Are you coming? Being late is unacceptable.”
Lv Up 1 “Yes, not bad.”
Lv Up 2 “Heh, it feels good to get stronger.”
Lv Up 3 “You need to work hard in order to be the best.”
Lv Up Max “I think I’ve gotten a little closer to the powerful Queen of Hearts. What do you think?”
Episode Lv Up “You’re very strange. Everyone fears me, and yet you don’t even bat an eye. But I’m not saying you need to fix your attitude or anything…”
Magic Lv Up “Everything is going just how I want it to.”
Limit Break “I hate the word ‘limit.’ My progress is still far from over.”
Groovy “I have all this power now… There are definitely things you won’t learn with studying alone.”
Lesson 1 “Hm… You look like you have an idea for something. I’ll follow your orders today.”
Lesson 2 “Choose a subject you need to take. Or better yet, pick one you struggle in.”
Lesson 3 “I always take the top in any class I’m in. Come with me; I’ll prove it.”
Lesson Start “What are we going to learn today?”
Lesson End “Yes, that was time well spent.”
Battle Start “Heh~ You’ve got some nerve.”
Battle Win “See—no one is as right as I am!”
Riddle Lesson Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Ryomi based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning I see...
Can you pass a law like this?
Professor Trein is a reliable person.

Noon They are a great person that we can all look up to.
Regulations are indispensible for a country.
The ink colour is wrong...

Afternoon History are just a flow of events to memorize.
The cat is being noisy.
Let's revise this after class.

Great How is it going?
There are no " tricks" in studying.
This is easier than an impossible riddle.

Great (New) I'll have to take notes during revision.
Perfect It's obvious if you have studied beforehand.
Well then, turn to the next page.
It's because I'm the dorm leader after all.

Perfect (New) It's the result of everyday's effort.
Special Perfect Headmaster, what brings you here?
You should stop fidgeting around.
Please answer loud and clear.

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning I'm better at this than jogging.
I should be able to do better.
Practice more than theory here huh...

Noon I'm the best at practical as well.
This is basics of the basics.
I feel slightly dizzy...

Afternoon I can't have Cater laughing at me.
It uses the same trick as horseback riding.
My muscles are sore...

Great Fufu.... It has to be like that.
Theory is more important than sense right?
It feels good to look down from here.

Perfect Even a rocking horse can fly.
Shall I demonstrate by taking a round trip from space?
Isn't this fun?

Special Perfect Shall I demonstrate?
Please look at the results of my special training.
It's bad to be distracted.

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning I have remembered the recipe.
The right measurement is...
This is easier than baking cakes.
Should I ask Trey about this?
Professor, I have a question.

Noon It's a sweet smell.
The measurement is 0.1mg off.
How much is "a suitable amount"?
This is not written in the textbook.
Precisely, properly.

Afternoon Procedure is important.
Today's snacks are... oh nothing important.
Follow the instructions.
There are room for improvement.
Whispering among yourself is forbidden.

Great Transmutation success. As expected.
How can I even fail?
Shall I guide you through this?
I have no complains.
Please don't be surprised at this degree.

Perfect It is not wrong but something is off.
Trey will be proud of this.
You can clap if you want.
Everything is written on the textbooks.
With this... done.

Special Perfect What kind of magic does the headmaster use?
It's fine to just do as usual.
It is not good to be complacent.
I can do better, I know I can.
Fufu, how about that!

Riddle Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Ryomi based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected All right.
That is right.
Permission granted.

Buff I can't stand to watch any longer.
Debuff No objections accepted.
When Attacked Guh!
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)
I'll show you how it's done.
Let's get going.

(2nd Turn)
Let's go.

(1st Turn)
How would you like to be defeated?
Aren't you conceited?

(2nd Turn)
This is uninteresting.
It's good that you realized.

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)
Look at this.
Let's do it like this.

(2nd Turn)
Be quiet.

(1st Turn)
That's naive.
What do you think about this?

(2nd Turn)
What do you think about this?
Have you made your resolution?

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn Is that all you've got?
How absurd.

2nd Turn It's useless to even think about it.
There is no way back now!

Magic 3 Attacks Are you trying to defy me?
Are you prepared to fight?
Now you've made me angry!
I shall pass judgement onto you.

Riddle Room Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Friendship Level Up Your guest room is quite lovely. I’ll return again soon with a small token of my appreciation for you.
Friendship Level Max Being a Dorm Leader means that I am constantly busy, but… I cannot ignore your hospitality. Next time I have time available, I shall come visit.
Invite Good This is a pretty nice room.
Great I’m not an expert on interior design, but I do believe this is in good taste. I like soothing and refined rooms. It makes me want to return many a time.

Excellent I never realized you were one to be so fastidious with preparing rooms such like this. I also prefer neat and orderly spaces. I think we’ll get along swimmingly. Next time I come, I shall lend you a tome of prominent architectural structures.

Invite (Dorm) Good Prudent of you to use my dormitory as reference.
Great Do you admire Heartslabyul that much? How pleasant. Come spend time at our dormitory sometime. I’m sure you’ll learn much.

Invited to Room I’ll rest here for a little while.
Short Idle 1 Hmmh.
Short Idle 2 Not bad.
Long Idle It’s quite rude to not offer any tea to your guests.
Idle (Theme) Good Like people, furniture must also have some class.
Great I feel at ease when looking at the furniture here.
Excellent The color contrast is wonderful.
Idle (Dorm) Good This will not infringe on any of the Queen of Hearts’ Rules.
Great This is a well-kept room. I almost wish the students in my dorm would use this as an example.
Room Tap 1 Are you looking for me to help you with your studies?
Room Tap 2 Playing croquet out in the yard after we relax may be nice.
Room Tap 3 I’m thinking I could go for a cup of tea. Would you join me?
Trouble 1 I am not in the wrong! They are the one who should apologize!
Trouble 2 What, are you suggesting I am to blame here?
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Of course I’m the best. It’s not something to be surprised about.”
Groovy “Is there anything more important for students like us than our studies?”
Set Home “Now, let’s get ready for our next class.”
Home Idle 1 “I make a rule of ironing my uniform shirt every morning.”
Home Idle 2 “It’s unacceptable to just lazily throw on Night Raven College’s uniform.”
Home Idle 3 “The interior design of Ramshackle’s lounge is quite strange. Is that how you like it?”
Home Login “Do you need something from me? Enough staring at me—use your words.”
Home Tap 1 “The more you learn, the more things you’re able to do. That’s why studying is so much fun.”
Home Tap 2 “You’re hungry? Then why don’t we begin our tea-time? Trey’s cake should almost be ready.”
Home Tap 3 “It must be tiring trying to get Grim to listen to you. Heartslabyul has a lot of obnoxious people too, so I know the feeling.”
Home Tap 4 “Are you free right now? Then I think you should read the Queen of Hearts’ rulebook.”
Home Tap 5 “Both your tie and collar are crooked, aren’t they? You’re not in uniform unless you’re wearing it correctly.”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Magic is more important than fitness if you want to be a mage. Don’t you think so?”
Groovy “Training your magic will make up for any amount of physical strength.”
Set Home “Class lectures alone are not enough for your learning.”
Home Idle 1 “‘I look like I’m bad at sports’? …What an interesting thing to say. Why don’t we see if that’s true?”
Home Idle 2 “You still need physical strength if you want to be an eminent mage. That being said, I don’t think you need to be as muscular as Coach Vargas.”
Home Idle 3 “I thought I’d get taller right away when I first came here, so I bought a PE uniform that was a little too big for me.”
Home Login “We’ll be having croquet practice at Heartslabyul. Why don’t you come take a look if you’re interested?”
Home Tap 1 “How about you join the Horse Riding Club if you can’t find any sports you like? I’d be a very kind instructor for you.”
Home Tap 2 “I don’t hate doing sports or anything. Talent and taste are two different things.”
Home Tap 3 “Did Ace invite you to his basketball game too? Want to go together?”
Home Tap 4 “I heard that pacing as you study helps you memorize things faster. I’ve been been thinking of starting to do that.”
Home Tap 5 “You should go badger Cater instead of me for Flying advice. He has a good sense of balance.”
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Leave the cultural exchange formalities to me. I shall show you how properly a representative of this school should hold themselves.
Groovy There’s no need to worry about your dancing. And that’s all because I am your partner.
Set Home We should respond to their warm welcome with polite decorum.
Home Idle 1 We’ve only just met, however… Rollo-senpai seems to be a diligent person. I understand why he holds the title of Student Council President.
Home Idle 2 They say that this outfit is the City of Flowers’ finest attire. The fine embroidery is beautiful. I can sense the dedication of the artisan who made it.
Home Idle 3 It has been some time since I’ve attended a social event. Fufu, I mustn’t become overly excited here. I shall have to make sure I relax some.
Home Login No matter what attire I wear, I will always be me. I shall endeavor to act as befitting the Heartslabyul Dorm Leader.
Home Tap 1 It seems the students of Noble Bell College were intimidated by Malleus-senpai’s presence. His dignity is befitting a representative of our school.
Home Tap 2 If Cater were here, I’m sure he’d constantly be pulling out his smart phone. I can just picture him now, taking dozens of pictures of the Bell of Salvation from all sorts of different angles.
Home Tap 3 Noble Bell College is a school with a distinguished history. I can understand their commitment to honor long-standing traditions.
Home Tap 4 I did my own research on the City of Flowers before I arrived, but once I actually started exploring, I noticed some differences. So this is what it means to actually travel.
Home Tap 5 I’m not very used to festivals… Much less one taking place in another land. How should I enjoy myself properly?
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “People say that experiments and cooking are similar, but I don’t think so at all.”
Groovy “I want to be graceful in everything I do, just like the Queen of Hearts.”
Set Home “Difficult assignments are all the more fulfilling.”
Home Idle 1 “Have you been to the library yet? You should definitely stop by at least once sometime. There are a lot of books you’d find useful there.”
Home Idle 2 Trey is working on a new recipe in the science club. He might share some with you if you’re lucky.”
Home Idle 3 “It’s difficult for the dorm leaders to make time for themselves. How did the Queen ever set aside time while also keeping an entire kingdom in order?”
Home Login “I like mixing chemicals. Unlike cooking, the amount of every ingredient you need is always clear-cut.”
Home Idle Groovy “I’ll be reviewing for class now. Come with me if you’re having trouble with anything. But if not… you don’t have to come.”
Home Tap 1 “I still don’t know what I’m going to do in the future, but I’ve always wanted to be a magical doctor.”
Home Tap 2 “The smell of antiseptics is very calming. It’s my second favorite smell, right after freshly-baked cake.”
Home Tap 3 “I heard some of my first-years made Professor Crewel angry again. Honestly, those two never learn.”
Home Tap 4 “Cater is very good at astrology. You’d think astrology would be based off the paranormal, but apparently it’s backed up by statistics. There’s really a science like that…?”
Home Tap 5 “Could you quit pulling at my sleeve over and over again? You’re not the King of Hearts…”[1]
Home Tap Groovy “I’m very confident in my command of potions, but don’t expect anything from me when it comes to cooking. …O-Of course I’m going to work on that.”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “None of you are little girls who have lost their way. I will not tolerate any rude behavior.”
Groovy “Line up! I don’t want to see a single hair on your heads out of place.”
Set Home “Now, it’s time.”
Home Idle 1 “I’ve been a student representative many times, ever since I was in elementary school. Public speaking is nothing new to me.”
Home Idle 2 “The ceremony robes are Night Raven College’s iconic regalia. Wearing them makes me feel very dignified.”
Home Idle 3 “…Oh, is that you? When everyone is wearing the ceremony robes, it’s hard to tell who is who.”
Home Login “Wearing this reminds me of the mayhem that happened at the entrance ceremony. If something like that breaks out again… You understand, don’t you?”
Home Idle Groovy “You have the same ceremony robes I do; haven’t you had enough staring at me? …I see.”
Home Tap 1 “I hate people who are never on time. I won’t forgive you if you’re late to the ceremony by even a second. Keep that in mind.”
Home Tap 2 “I still consider myself rather lenient about rules compared to how strict the Queen of Hearts was.”
Home Tap 3 “Deuce from our dorm is a very dedicated, exemplary student… I just wish he was a little more sensible…”
Home Tap 4 “You should listen to what the teachers tell you. They’re what keeps this school in line.”
Home Tap 5 “There’s no need to rush. I’ve been keeping an eye on my watch. Don’t worry; it’s not broken or anything.”
Home Tap Groovy “Come let me know if you’re ever having trouble dealing with Grim. I have the perfect collar waiting for him.”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I can’t understand the bride’s idea of marrying someone she just met. How could anyone fall in love that easily?
Groovy My ideal partner? I wouldn’t want someone who’s never on time to anything… Wait, what are you making me say?
Set Home As the dorm leader of Heartslabyul, I’ll be sincerely proposing to the bride.
Home Idle 1 The Queen of Hearts was said to have had a very strong relationship with her husband. If there’s a trick to that… I wish I could share it with my own parents.
Home Idle 2 Rook said that you must declare your love for your significant other everyday. That sounds tiring…
Home Idle 3 What is it? You’re staring at me so intently. …‘Something feels off?’ Yes, it’s because my hair is tucked behind my ear.
Home Login Don’t you think the bride’s requirements for her ideal prince focus too much on appearances? I think what matters most is what’s on the inside.”
Home Idle Groovy The roses used to decorate the flower hall were picked from the gardens at our dorm. See, don’t they smell lovely?
Home Tap 1 Epel from Pomefiore… Despite how he looks, he seems like a man of strong will. It makes me want to cheer him on.
Home Tap 2 The hedgehog couples and the flamingo couples get along very nicely. That’s good.
Home Tap 3 When Ace is dressed nicely, he comes off as very polite. If only he were like that all the time…
Home Tap 4 Putting on this formal wear reminds me of the times I attended parties with my parents. I remember seeing full splays of cakes lined up that looked so delicious.
Home Tap 5 Ah! Why are you trying to open my suit jacket? …Are you curious about the charms on my Albert chain? They’re shaped like card suits.
Home Tap Groovy Knowing the appropriate behavior for formal occasions is something I’m very confident in. Would you like me to show you how to be an escort?
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “As dorm leader, I always have to be a model for Heartslabyul students. Of course, cooking is no exception.”
Groovy “I never thought it would feel so nice to hear someone tell you that your cooking is delicious…”
Set Home “You have to wear clean and neat clothing if you want to step into the kitchen.”
Home Idle 1 “You’re supposed to change how you cook meat based on the cut. It’s almost like a puzzle."
Home Idle 2 “As a royal, Malleus must have a refined taste. I’m positive cooking something that he would be satisfied with is a near-impossible task.”
Home Idle 3 “I still remember the first time I saw a sponge cake being made. Seeing it rise felt just like magic.”
Home Login “I have little to no experience with cooking, but as long as you follow the directions, there won’t be any mistakes. …At least, there shouldn’t be.”
Home Idle Groovy “Yes! I finished! …Ahem. Why are you grinning like that? Is it that big of a deal to see me excited?”
Home Tap 1 “If I commit myself to Master Chef, maybe I can eventually make a flawless strawberry tart myself…”
Home Tap 2 “I went to a fast food restaurant for the first time the other day. The taste aside, you could learn a thing or two from that pricing and service speed.”
Home Tap 3 “I don’t like the concept of ‘adding to taste.’ Shouldn’t the exact amount always be written down, no matter how small?”
Home Tap 4 “Silver is actually very skilled. I’m going to try to use his knife techniques as a guide for when I chop vegetables.”
Home Tap 5 “Agh, the cabbage broke apart again! These are too delicate. I don’t think they’re very suitable for wrapping anything with.”
Home Tap Groovy “You seem to be awfully interested in this. But if you insist, I’ll cook for you again.”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon The party begins now! …It’s a little bit embarrassing to declare that for my own birthday.

It’s not an Unbirthday, it’s a special day that comes once a year. As the birthday boy, I’ll do my best to enjoy it fully.

Groovy Thank you for today… Thanks to everyone, it was an amazing day.
Set Home This outfit is suitable for a birthday.
Home Idle 1 Just when I thought that our first year trouble maker combo was acting all fidgety… They were just trying to secretly prepare me a present.
Home Idle 2 The Rules of the Queen of Hearts state that on your birthday you can eat whatever you like and speak freely. Isn’t that amazing?
Home Idle 3 Trey and Cater prepared three varieties of tarts. They look so delicious… I wonder I’ll be able to finish eating them all.
Home Login Every time I reach another birthday, I feel a sense of self-renewal. I must not neglect my own self-improvement.
Home Idle Groovy Even though it’s my celebration, you seem to be excited as if it’s for you. …N-not saying that’s bad or anything.
Home Tap 1 It seems like Kalim is going to throw a banquet for me later. I’ll have to make sure to thank Jamil later…
Home Tap 2 The horses were startled by Sebek’s voice. I’m happy that he wanted to wish me well though.
Home Tap 3 “I blended this with you in mind,” Jade said as he gifted me tea. I wonder what kind of flavor it has?
Home Tap 4 For some reason the hedgehogs seem to be in a good mood. Or perhaps it only looks that way since I am in high spirits.
Home Tap 5 What is it? A present for me? Hm… Then perhaps I can request you recite a poem for me?
Home Tap Groovy At least I don’t have to study today? …Haah, that’s wrong. Did you forget the duty of a student?
Duo Magic Riddle: “To receive congratulations from Leona-senpai…”

Leona: “It’s because we’re both dorm leaders, Riddle.”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Who’s been painting my roses red?”

“As long as I am dorm leader, there will be no failures in Heartslabyul.”

Groovy “So? You can feel my power, can’t you?”
Set Home “Do you understand? The answer is ‘Yes, Dorm Leader.’”
Home Idle 1 “Have you seen Ace anywhere? He’s supposed to be on hedgehog care duty today… Does he want to lose his head again?”
Home Idle 2 “Hey! I understand you’re in a hurry, but you mustn’t run in the halls. The rules of the Queen of Hearts aside, that’s just common courtesy.”
Home Idle 3 “Anyone who calls himself a Heartslabyul student must adhere to a routine lifestyle.”
Home Login “Today we’re having an Unbirthday Party. I wouldn’t mind if you joined us, as long as it’s not your birthday.”
Home Idle Groovy “As long as you obey the rules of the Queen of Hearts, you’re always welcome at Heartslabyul.”
Home Tap 1 “This crown is supposed to be a replica of the one the Queen of Hearts wore. She was a wonderful monarch; I want to be like her too.”
Home Tap 2 “Anyone who opposes my way of doing things surely must be prepared to lose their head.”
Home Tap 3 “I only wear these high heels because they’re fashioned after the ones the Queen of Hearts wore, not because I actually want to wear them or anything…”
Home Tap 4 “Honestly. It’s just work, work, work for this dorm. But as busy as I am, I would never try to cut corners.”
Home Tap 5 “Hm? My badge is crooked? The dorm uniforms have so many components to them; they’re really troublesome.”
Home Tap Groovy “Our campus is vast, but I don’t believe there’s anywhere more beautiful than the gardens. You should come see it sometime.”
Duo Magic Riddle: “Are you ready, Azul?”

Azul: “Of course I am, Riddle.”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Now that you’ve stepped foot in this place… I’ll have you follow all my rules.
Skeletons who keep order in the graveyard. It’s a fitting outfit for us Heartslabyul students who observe the Queen of Hearts’ Rules.

Groovy Skeletons are the type to get lonely easily. Won’t you become one of us too?
Set Home I have to do my job as a gravekeeper…
Home Idle 1 Last year, Heartslabyul dressed up as pirates.
Home Idle 2 From morning til night… No, including the preparation period as well, I never imagined I’d be able to enjoy Halloween this much.
Home Idle 3 Ortho came to me and said “Trick-or-Treat,” so I handed him the candy that I had in my hands but… Is he able to eat it?
Home Login It’s depressing that Halloween is coming to an end, but… this fun period is special because it only comes once a year.
Home Idle Groovy [yawn]… Even I will yawn sometimes. I rarely stay up late, so I can’t help being sleepy.
Home Tap 1 Eh, you don’t have any treats to hand over? Then it was good of me to prepare a trick on the off chance you didn’t. Well then, are you ready…?
Home Tap 2 I was very particular of the heart shape in the center of our chest. Of course, this is because it is the symbol of Heartslabyul.
Home Tap 3 It seems like Jade is quite interested in the Halloween that takes place on land. Ever since September, he’s been asking me questions about it during our breaks that it was a little troublesome.
Home Tap 4 The black-lined makeup that we attempted this time was quite difficult. The reason why it came out as good as it did was all thanks to Vil-senpai’s advice.
Home Tap 5 Regrettably, I don’t have any candy on me right now. *Sigh* …What kind of trick are you planning to pull on me, anyway?
Home Tap Groovy Do you have any experience with ballroom dancing? If you’re lacking in confidence, I’ll teach you the proper steps. Here, take my hand.
Duo Magic Riddle: "Here we go, Ruggie! Follow me!"

Ruggie: "Aye aye, sir, Riddle-kun!"


Set Home
Home Idle 1
Home Idle 2
Home Idle 3
Home Login
Home Idle Groovy
Home Tap 1
Home Tap 2
Home Tap 3
Home Tap 4
Home Tap 5
Home Tap Groovy
Duo Magic Riddle:


Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Tsum! You understand, yes? If I am to watch over you, then I’ll have you follow the rules.

Other than our looks, I don’t see how this tsum resembles me one bit. It’s been rolling around and jumping up and down without any sign of calming down.

Groovy For it to come to the conclusion that I am always in the right and faithfully follow me… This tsum has promise.
Set Home Tsum, your crown is crooked.
Home Idle 1 I never expected this tsum to wake up a sleeping student during class by tackling them like that… Fufu, a job well done.
Home Idle 2 The tsum put 2 sugar cubes in the lemon tea that I prepared after my meal. I shall have to give it some praise.
Home Idle 3 Sigh, the tsum is covered in grass. All because it was rolling on the lawn earlier with the hedgehogs…
Home Login The tsum is out of control and will not listen to me. I really don’t have time to play with it… Goodness gracious.
Home Idle Groovy The tsum climbed onto your shoulder… Looks like it’s trying to point out your crooked tie. Go tidy your appearance.
Home Tap 1 You’re telling me that tsum that looks like me is going wild at the dessert corner in the cafeteria!? I’ll capture it and it’ll be off with it’s head!
Home Tap 2 Apparently, Epel’s tsum angers quickly if called cute. This tsum… Hm, yes, it has a dignified air around it.
Home Tap 3 Earlier, as I passed by Jack, not only did he give me a nod of hello, but his tsum as well… I had to do a double-take.
Home Tap 4 It was difficult to get Sebek’s tsum off the horse. I told him that it was against the rules to try to ride without a proper harness.
Home Tap 5 Take care to not poke the tsum too much. True, it may be fun to see it turn crimson, but… …Why are you staring at me!?
Home Tap Groovy The tsum is reading the textbook intently. You should learn a thing or two from it and study for your lessons.
Duo Magic Riddle: Understand, Cater? I am always in the right!

Cater: Riddle-kun, FEVER!


  1. The King of Hearts was often tugging on the Queen’s skirt to get her attention

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