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Ruggie Bucchi is a second-year student in Savanaclaw. He assists Leona as his junior. Due to having grown up in a poor environment, he's a bit of a glutton.

(translated from the Japanese version by daeva-agas)


Ruggie has spiky, dark blonde hair and two large hyena ears. He has green-grey eyes, which are often half-lidded. He is also shown to have a short, thin tail that matches the colour of his ears.

He is seen wearing a Savanaclaw uniform, like the other residents of the same dorm, although his uniform in particular is a gift from Leona. Like the standard uniform, he is seen wearing a black, unzipped vest, and sitting on top of the vest is a yellow scarf with patterns implemented. If seen closely, underneath his vest is a necklace with different colors of beads. He is also seen wearing a glove on his right hand.


Ruggie is viewed as cheerful and mischievous and enjoys playing tricks on his friends. Ruggie is also known to be laid back and doesn't take anything seriously. He is sensitive when the topic of his past is brought up. He also tends to be a bit of a show off when it comes to sports.

Skills and Magic

Unique Magic

Ruggie's unique magic is called "Laugh With Me" (愚者の行進(ラフ・ウィズ・ミー), Rafu Wizu Mii; lit. "March of fools"). Ruggie can control the movements of others by making them move the same way he moves.[1]


  • Ruggie's Savanaclaw uniform is a hand-me-down from Leona.[2]
  • Ruggie often does Leona's bidding, such as getting a Menchi katsu sandwich and sabotaging the players for the upcoming Magical Shift Tournament.
  • Ruggie can also be seen scolding Leona occasionally for skipping classes and taking naps.
  • Ruggie is possibly inspired by Scar's 3 hyena underlings: Shenzi, Banzai/Kamari, and Ed/Azizi.
  • Leona has stated he is intimidated by the women of the Sunset Savanna because they are much physically stronger and more strong-willed than the men, including himself. Ruggie corroborates this statement and mentions he feels the same.[3]
    • This follows the biology of many savanna animals, such as lions and hyenas, wherein the females are hunters and typically dominant in nature.
  • He learned at least 10 different languages to greet someone and negotiate with them.[4]
  • Ruggie knows how to survive out in the wilderness well enough even without the aid of magic due to being influenced by how he grew up.
  • He calls his flying broom "Broom-kun" (ほうきくん Hōki-kun).[5]


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