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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by ChocoRei-chan.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday
Bg 12116.png
Savanaclaw Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC School Newspaper

Feature Interview with the Birthday Person

~Ruggie Version~

Happy Birthday!
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Thanks! Hehehe. Birthdays are the best.

Ya know, I gave a buncha people presents on their birthday.

'Course, that's to celebrate my friends' big day...

I mean... it's to get presents in return on my own birthday!

Since they're all rich boys they'll give me somethin' worth several times what I got them.

Last year, I got so much I couldn't carry it with both hands!

"Tell me a birthday memory with your family. "
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Family, huh? My mom went up to the stars after she gave birth to me.

My dad left to go work and never came back so I dunno what he's doin' now.

So, as far as memories, it would have to be with my grandma.

My family struggled to put food on the table back then so we couldn't afford a fancy birthday cake.

Instead, I looked forward to the donuts grandma made for me every year.

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside! They were plain flavor so I could just keep eatin' them.

Once I started makin' money from part-time jobs and could afford better ingredients, she started makin' fancier versions with melted chocolate and almonds on top.

Even though we can afford cakes now, I still wanna eat donuts on my birthday.

"She sounds like a wonderful grandmother."
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Hehe. I know right? She's kind but tough. I'm proud to have her.

Bg 12116.png
Savanaclaw Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"What food do you like?"
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
My fave is donuts like I was just talkin' about.

But I'm happy to eat even bones from meat as long as they're not rotten.

Hm? Do ya think I'm jokin'?

We hyenas have strong jaws, so we can chew through not just meat, but thick bones too.

If ya don't believe me, then treat me to some meat with bones next time. I'll eat aaaaall the bones right in front of ya!

"Is there anything that you really care about? "
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
"Is there anything else?"
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Well, if I were to pick something else... Probably my warthog piggy bank.

When I was little, I found it thrown away outside a rich family's house.

I took it to a secondhand shop to see if I could sell it, but they wouldn't give me a good price so I just kept it.

When you feed him a coin, he makes a happy noise and sings all cheerful.

It's like he's happy that I'm savin' money. I got pretty attached to him.

I hear there's a meerkat in the series too. I'd like to get one someday and put them together.

Bg 12116.png
Savanaclaw Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Tell me your impressions of your dorm head."
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Eh? Leona? Let's see...

Feels like he's used to using people, since he lived with servants.

It's rough work, but it's worth it because I get somethin' out of it.

"What kind of something?"
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Payment, for one. Leona gives me things he doesn't need anymore. He's honestly a lifesaver!

I take what I can use for myself and sell.. er, give away the rest to people who might need it.

The second is studies. In exchange for my hard work, he teaches me the stuff I didn't get in class.

Before I got into Night Raven College, I only knew what I needed to get by.

I didn't know how to do something like study properly, so my grades were terrible in the beginning.

But thanks to Leona's reference books, past exams, and advice, my grades are now at the bottom of the middle!

Impressive, right? Climbin' from the bottom to average was tough.

It's important to stick with people with power. Gotta find what advantages you can take for yourself.

"Tell me how you spend your long vacation."
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Story Ruggie Birthday.png
Hm... Other than showin' my face around home, I focus on workin'. A lot of the time I work at live-in jobs that include three meals a day.

Restaurant staff at a resort in the summer. A ski instructor in the snowy mountains in the winter.

It's fun to meet all the different customers and people.

Thanks to that, I can greet and haggle in 10 different languages.

There's a lot of opportunity to meet famous magicians by chance, so it's pretty useful for making connections!

"Thank you very much for sharing."

"Once again, happy birthday!"

Card Ruggie SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png
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