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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by okaykei, and proofread by dolce (JP), and Starly (EN).

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 4-4: You Prepared For That?
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Coliseum - Special Stage
*step step step*
Savanaclaw Student A Wait! Give back the treasure!
Savanaclaw Student B Damn it, we lost them… Where did you go?! Come out!

Hey, I'm gonna go search over there!

*step step step*
Man A …Did we get rid of them? *sigh* I'm exhausted. I don't think I can run anymore!
Woman B They looked so angry as they were chasing us, I wasn't sure what to do. Night Raven College students are so scary.
"Please don't touch the displays."
Man A There's signs everywhere saying not to touch the treasure, but…

Look at how much there is. Not sure why borrowing one or two for a photo is such a huge deal. They're acting like we stole it all or something.

Woman B Right? If we put it back after, then what's the problem?
Man A If that rumor about our wishes being granted if we take a picture with the treasure is true, that'd be so amazing.

It's neat to jump on the bandwagon sometimes! Let's take as many neat photos as we can while we're here!

*sigh* Just look at them.

Here they are, bothering the people around them, and yet they're just taking pictures like nothing happened.

Hmph, just let 'em.

The time your prey has their guard down most is when they fully believe they've managed to outrun their hunter.

Savanaclaw Student A Yeah! Having to hold back our speed so we didn't catch up to them was real difficult.
Savanaclaw Student B Hyahaha! They weren't even worth chasing!

Dorm Leader! Let's hurry and deal with them!

Not yet. I'm not the brains behind this hunt today, anyway.

You're in charge today, Jack. Everyone will move according to your plan.

Whether we'll get a good feast or not is all down to you.

You prepared for that?

…Of course!

I'll definitely chase out the Magicam Monsters with the plan I've thought up!

Eyyy, good to see you raring to go.
Don't get so into it that you screw it all up, freshcub.
Let's go, everyone!
All Yeah!
Man A Alright, gonna take the picture now. Let's put the selfie stick about… here, maybe?
Woman B Yeah, that looks spot-on! Three, two, one…
Man A & Woman B Huh?!
Man A The treasure we were holding… turned into sand?!
Woman B That's taking it way too far! Don't break it next time, okay?
Man A Hey, it's not like I was the one that did it. Anyway, let's find another piece of treasure we can take a picture with!

Oh, this necklace looks neat. Let's try with this next.

Alright, cheese…

Man A Again?!

And this… This one, too… And this one! Every piece I touch turns into sand!

What the heck is going on?!

Ugh… This is kinda creepy… Hey, let's get outta here.

Woman B
Man A Wait, why are you still posing? Let's just stop!
Woman B …an't move…
Man A Huh?
Woman B I-I can't move!
Man A What?! What are you going on abo… Gh!

I-I can't move, eit… Mmmpf!

Woman B (N-Now I can't even open my mouth!)
Man A (What is going on here?!)
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