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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by okaykei, and proofread by dolce (JP), and Starly (EN).

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 4-5: We'd Even Throw Our Lives Away
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Coliseum - Special Stage
Woman B (N-Now I can't even open my mouth!)
Man A (What is going on here?!)
Savanaclaw Student A Where on earth did those guys go?
Woman B (Hey, it's the NRC students that were chasing us earlier…)
Savanaclaw Student B We're in trouble if we don't find them quick.

They're regular tourists! They don't know anything about this place! What are we gonna do if they become victims to the curse?!

Woman B (C-Curse?)
Savanaclaw Student B I didn't think there was real pirate treasure mixed in amongst the displays…!
Savanaclaw Student A Apparently, there's still real pirate ghosts wandering about this ghost ship…

They never forgive anyone who touches their treasure. They chase them around for life, and some even go so far as to take their targets' lives.

Savanaclaw Student B So many visitors to the coliseum have already vanished. It must be the pirate's curse!
Man A & Woman B (Wh-Whaaaaaaaat?!)
Savanaclaw Student A We even set up signs saying not to touch it, and yet they do, anyway!
Savanaclaw Student B At this rate, they're gonna be attacked by the pirate ghosts! We have to find them as soon as we can!

Heeeey! Is there really no one here?!

Man A (We're right here! …I want to respond, but my mouth just won't move!)
Savanaclaw Student A ...No response. Let's check over there!
Savanaclaw Student B Yeah!
Woman B (Wait, don't go! We're right here! Please notice us!)
*step step step*
Woman B (No… They left us behind.)
Man A (Are we going to be stuck like this for life? No, I don't want that!)
Man A & Woman B (He… He…)


Woman A *gasp!* M-My mouth's moving again. And so are my arms and legs!
Man A Oh, thank goodness! Did the curse lift?
Woman B It must have!

Let's get out the coliseum while we can! I don't want to get stuck like that again.

Story Ruggie Dorm.png
Story Ruggie Dorm.png
Shishishi… They were literally shaking. I feel kinda sorry for them.
Story Leona Dorm.png
Story Leona Dorm.png
Hah. At least take that smirk off your face if you want to sound believable.

We used our Unique Magic to help set everything up perfectly. It's all down to Jack now.

Show me what you first years have got.

Man A We should be near the exit by now.
Woman B *sigh* This is the worst. Why are all these weird things happening?
Man A Right? But hey, at least we can say we've had a scary Halloween.

Darn, I should've at least thought to record all this. Imagine uploading a video of treasure turning to sand. That would've gone viral for sure.

*drag*... *drag*...
Woman B Huh? What's that sound?
Man A How should I know? It sounded like something being dragged along the floor…
*drag*... *drag*...
??? Yoooooouuuuuuuuuu…
Man A Eek! Wh-Wh-Who was that?!
??? You dirty… rotten thieves…
Woman B Th-Thieves?! Where is this coming from?!
*drag*... *drag*...
??? Do you have any idea what we went through to get that treasure…? You couldn't even hope to imagine…

There were times we were thrown into the stormy seas… Times we collapsed after days of no food or water…

We lost friends along the way, and yet we continued our journey across the seas…


*drag*... *drag*...
Man A Don't tell me… Are these the pirate ghosts those students from earlier were talking about?!
Woman B I thought they had forgiven us!
??? We were prepared for anything. If it was for treasure, we'd even throw our lives away…

What about you two?

*drag* *drag*
Woman B H-Hey, that sound's getting closer!
Man A Where is it?!
??? You dared touch the treasure that we risked life and limb to find…
*drag* *drag*
Story Jack Scary.png
Story Jack Scary.png
…so that means you're prepared to fight with us, right?!
Story Jack Scary.png
Story Jack Scary.png
Time for you to see…

…just what pain awaits for those who dare touch a pirate's treasure!


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