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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday
Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC Campus News

Interview with the Birthday Student
~Sebek ver.~

Happy birthday! How do you feel that your birthday has come around?
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Excellent question. I’ve gotten older by one year, which means I’ve grown up a little more.

Therefore I’m one step closer to being a man adequate to serve as the Young Master’s attendant! It’s truly a joyous occasion!

"Has your family sent you any birthday wishes?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Yes, I received a card from my parents.
"Could you describe your parents?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
My mother is a descendant of the night—in other words, a nocturnal faerie. She’s simply extraordinary.

She plays a masterful hand at magic, and I’ve heard that everyone around her has held her in high esteem ever since she was young.

She’s very earnest and justice-driven… Whenever I see her, I feel inspired to push myself as well.

Her greatness doesn’t end with her personality. She also excels at our family’s signature occlusal force, the strength of one’s bite.

I’m extremely proud to call her my mother.

"What about your father?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
My father is a dentist… and a human.

He’s very weird. For some reason he lives in Briar Valley despite his inability to use magic.

Whenever my siblings and I cast spells in front of him,

He showers us in praises, going “Wow! Incredible!” with sheer joy. It drives me mad.

He buys us sweets and small gifts no one asked for, and he’ll talk about anything and everything…

He always has a huge grin on his face no matter what I say to him… It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around him.

Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
My mother met him at his clinic. The story goes that she took a liking to his personality and medical skills and made passionate advances on him.

Everyone around her was in fierce opposition to her marriage with a human, but she stood her ground to every one of them.

…Where exactly does she see the appeal in my father?

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"How do you spend your time after school?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
First I go to club meetings!

I’m a member of the horse-riding club, so naturally we practice riding. But we’re also tasked with horse care and cleaning the stables. Our club activities keep us very busy.

After that’s finished, I head back to my dorm room and start studying.

I work on class assignments, prep and review, and go through study guides to get ready for exams. Then once I’m tired of studying, I work out.

"Isn’t it exhausting to work out right after studying?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Not at all. It makes for a great change of pace. Besides, exercising warms up the brain and improves your memory!

There once was a time that doing this allowed me to memorize a magic history textbook within three days.

Intelligence is just as crucial as physical strength to be a worthy guard for the Young Master.

By using my study breaks to train, I effectively develop both my education and my physical abilities at the same time. You should try it yourself.

"Thank you for the advice. Next, do you have any prized possessions?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Heh… Yes, I do. I will allow you the privilege of hearing about it.

It’s the portrait of the Young Master I have hanging in my room!!

I greet it every morning and every night, every time I leave, come back, and go to sleep. I cannot fathom a life without that painting.

"How did you get it?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
It was a gift from the Young Master and Master Lilia when I was first admitted here.

When the academy confirmed my acceptance, Master Lilia asked if there was anything I wanted as a celebratory gift.

I made my request fully aware that it might have been too much to ask for… and a few months later, I was summoned to the castle.

When I arrived, there stood the Young Master with the portrait in his hands…

And he handed it to me in person!!

I learned that per Master Lilia’s request, he had called the court painter to the castle over the holidays.

It truly felt like a dream… I will treasure that portrait for the rest of my life!

Bg 17116.png
Diasomnia Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"What’s your favorite food? Could you tell us what made you like it?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
That would be salmon carpaccio. I could eat it over and over and never get sick of it!

My older brother and sister were the reason I started liking it.

Our parents have been busy ever since I was a child, since my father is a dentist and my mother works as his assistant.

I often spent those days going by myself to visit my grandfather, or by fishing and playing in the water with my siblings.

I once caught a salmon taller than me while the three of us were fishing one day!

Being that I was so little back then, my rod was nearly wrenched out of my hold. But my brother and sister ran over to help me and we managed to haul it to land.

They proceeded to make salmon carpaccio out of it. I won’t ever forget the way it tasted.

Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
It was a pleasant surprise for my parents when they got home…

And we shared some with my grandfather, who struck up a rare smile as he tried it.

Even now, eating it reminds me of home.

"Next, could you tell us about your least favorite food?"
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
Egh… I can’t bring myself to drink black coffee. It’s so bitter.

However, the other guard serving the Young Master, Silver, has been drinking coffee for a long time. It’s to fight off his drowsiness.

The Young Master himself is fond of coffee, so at times I catch the both of them indulging in a cup.

It’s insufferable!!!

It is absolutely humiliating to be treated like a child and told “Don’t torture yourself; just add sugar.”

I cannot handle being the only one to drink something different! I will not come up short to Silver over something like this!

I must learn to like black coffee immediately so that I can savor the same beverage as the Young Master!

Story Sebek Birthday.png
Story Sebek Birthday.png
I’ve undergone long, painstaking training, and have slowly been overcoming my aversion to coffee…

And now…

I can drink coffee milk!!

I hope you’ll be able to drink it black soon. Good luck! Once again, happy birthday!
Card Sebek SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png
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