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Silver is a second-year student in Diasomnia who guards Malleus like a knight. Though normally taciturn and composed, he occasionally appears to be very drowsy.

(translated from the Japanese version by daeva-agas)


Silver is a young man with chin-length silver-grey hair and bangs. A stray strand of hair sticks out on his head. He has purple eyes that are described by Vil as "aurora-colored."[1] He is fair-skinned and has muscular arms from sword training. He wears his school uniform with the top button unbuttoned. According to several characters, Silver is quite handsome and has some princely charms.


Silver is a serious and reserved person who is diligent in whatever he does. He devotes himself to becoming a knight for Malleus in order to repay him and Lilia for raising him, and he practices his sword fighting skills. He often expresses his love for Lilia, whom he calls "Old Man" (親父殿), through the stories that he narrates about him to his fellow schoolmates.

His tendency to fall asleep at any moment causes exasperation for those around him. Silver himself is bothered by this, and he would do anything to remedy this. This is seen in his Lab story, where he, Kalim, and Jamil create a waking up potion for Silver. He is generally laid-back, but he becomes cautious and even hostile when it comes to the safety of Malleus, as seen in his Ceremonial Robe story where he aims his baton at Idia for being a suspicious person.

Skills and Magic

Unique Magic

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Silver's unique magic is called "Meet in a Dream" (TBA(TBA); lit. "Let’s Share the Same Dream"). He can jump into other people’s dreams.


  • Silver is the only named student to not have a last name.
  • He, Azul, and Cater are the same height, standing at 176cm.
  • According to Ruggie, Silver and Kalim have a 'frustratingly easy-going vibe'.[2]
  • He attracts small animals such as birds and squirrels, who sometimes help him when he is in need, such as when he needed a specific plant for alchemy class. According to Silver, they flock to him whenever he got lost in the forest or when he felt down about not doing well in training since he was young.[3]
  • Silver is one of three students (along with Kalim and Rook) to use light magic for his non-element magic.
  • He does not know the reason for his sleepiness but would like to have it cured.[3]
  • He thinks the prefect (Yuu) has a talent for the sword.[4]
  • According to Lilia, he and Sebek used to be scaredy cats, due to that Lilia had quite a bit of laundry to do after Halloween.[5]
  • Cater once tried to take a picture of Silver's smile which he considered to be very prince-like.


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