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Welcome to the Villains' World

In this game, you take the role of a protagonist who has awoken in an unfamiliar place named Twisted Wonderland. After being freed from a coffin by a rowdy magic creature named Grim, you find yourself about to be enrolled in the prestigious magic training school, Night Raven College. However, during the dorm assigning ceremony, it's revealed that not only do you not have any magic, but you're also from another world! Surprised, the masked headmaster, Dire Crowley, offers you shelter in Ramshackle Dorm while you get your bearings. He comments that you're extraordinarily good at getting people to work together, and names you a Prefect. As a 2-in-1 deal, since you don't have magic, you and Grim are enrolled together! The headmaster gives you a mission and hands you a special camera that is capable of recording memories. He entrusts it to you to record the lives of you and your fellow classmates!

However, as talented and prodigious as they may be, the students waiting for you here are all uncooperative troublemakers! Will you ever be able to work with them and return to your original world? And just what secrets are these students hiding, who hold the souls of villains...?

Villains are the antagonists who highlight every Disney work. Mangaka Yana Toboso has created her latest world using their mysterious, beautiful charm as her inspiration. Twisted Wonderland is a mobile villains school adventure game, with elements of battle games, rhythm games, and the magic of Disney.

Main Story

The Main Story is the main plot of the game. Some story episodes are rank locked, and others contain a rhythm or battle section that you must pass in order to proceed.

Prologue Header.png Episode 1 Header.png Episode 2 Header.png
Welcome to the Villains' World
Episode 1:
The Crimson Tyrant
Episode 2:
The Rebel of the Savanna
Episode 3 Header.png Episode 4 Header.png Episode 5 Header.png
Episode 3:
The Merchant of the Deep Sea
Episode 4:
The Tactician of Scalding Sands
Episode 5:
The Beautiful Oppressor
Episode 6 Header.png Episode 7 Header.png
Episode 6:
The Guard of the Underworld
Episode 7:
The Ruler of the Abyss

Personal Stories

Personal Stories are character-centric stories that can be unlocked by levelling up the card's Episode Level.


Main article: Rhythmics

Rhythmics are music minigames that require players to tap notes on the screen according to the song's beat. Some Rhythmics in the game have dialogue, and split dialogue paths based on how well you score in the each half of the song. For more information on how to play them, see Guidebook.


Chats are short dialogues that can be unlocked when you do a Lesson a certain amount of times, already unlocked a previous Chat, and/or have another designated character in your Lesson team.

Event Stories

Event Stories are unlocked by playing events only. They can be read after the event ends in the Archive.

Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~ Story Fairy Gala ~Festival of the Spring-Calling Fairies~ Story
Happy Beans Day Banner.jpg Fairy Gala Event Banner.jpg
Ghost Marriage ~Proposal of Destiny~ Story Wish Upon a Star ~Dance and Wishes~ Story
Ghost Marriage Event Banner.png Wish Upon a Star Event Banner.png
Scary Monsters! ~Screaming Halloween Show~ Story New Year Story
Scary Monsters Event Banner Part 1-1.jpg New Year Campaign2021.jpg
NRC Master Chef ~Bliss of Meat~ Story 1st Anniversary Story
NRC Master Chef (Bliss) Event Banner.jpg 1st Anniversary Banner.jpg
Vargas CAMP! ~Spring Happening~ Story Happy Beans Day ~The Harp-less Brawl~ Story
Vargas CAMP! Event Banner.jpg Happy Beans Day Lyreless Banner.jpg
NRC Master Chef ~Nostalgic Home of Spice~ Story Scalding Sands' Al'ab Nariya Story
NRC Master Chef (Spice) Event Banner.jpg Scalding Sands' Al'ab Nariya Event Banner.jpg
NRC Master Chef ~Beans and Life~ Story Scary Monsters! ~Endless Halloween Night~ Story
NRC Master Chef (Beans) Event Banner.jpg Scary Monsters Endless Event P1 Banner.jpg
Sam's New Year Sale 2022 Story Harveston’s Kelkkarotu Story
Sam's New Year Sale 2022 Banner.jpg Kelkkarotu Event Banner.jpg
2nd Anniversary Story NRC Master Chef ~The Yolk of the Matter~ Story
2nd Anniversary Banner.jpg NRC Master Chef (Yolk) Event Banner.jpg