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Trey Clover is a third-year and the vice head of Heartslabyul. He's calm and is seen as a protector by the rest. He always backs up the overly-strict Riddle.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)


Trey Clover has short green hair and gold eyes. He has a black clover motif located under his left eye and wears glasses. He wears a white shirt, with an unbuttoned black vest and the customary Heartslabyul blazer to top it all off. Pinned on his blazer is the recurring Heartslabyul crest, the "QH" heart pin, and a 3 of Clover playing card. Like his fellow dormmates, Trey wears white trousers with a black and yellow ribbon at the waist, as well as black and white high-tops. He also dons a white fedora with a yellow and black striped band and a final clover pin to the side.


Unlike the strict and hot-headed dorm leader, Riddle Rosehearts, Trey, who serves as Vice dorm leader, is more calm and rational, making him slightly more laid-back about following the rules of the Queen of Hearts. Unlike Riddle who is overly obsessed with memorizing and following every single rule made by the Queen of Hearts, Trey only memorizes half. He is friendly and is willing to help others, including his underclassmen if they have trouble with anything.

However, Trey can also display a sadistic front when irate, as shown when he wanted the whole dorm of Savanaclaw to suffer after he was injured by Ruggie for sabotage purposes.

Skills and Magic

Unique Magic

His unique magic is called "Paint the Roses", or "Doodle Suit" (薔薇を塗ろう(ドゥードゥル・スート), Dūduru Sūto; lit. "Paint the roses") in Japanese. For a limited period of time, his magic has the ability to “overwrite things with what one imagines.” It can do it with color, smell, taste, etc. It is displayed when Cater asks him to change the taste of each person's mont blanc/marron tart.[1]


  • The word "trey" refers to a playing card or die with three spots. (This word in turn comes from the Latin tres.)
  • Trey is bad at singing and dancing, and he even admitted it himself.[2][3]
  • He memorized 350 out of the 810 rules of the Queen of Hearts.[4]


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