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In general, Trey is more blunt and does not use honorifics unless he is making a direct reference to the person's position (e.g. when speaking about Riddle as a dorm leader in Episode 1-7 or when obeying orders from Riddle). He is shown to speak in a more brotherly manner and use -chan for Najma Viper. Therefore, it is likely that he reserves the use of -chan and other more affectionate honorifics for children who are significantly younger than himself. He switches to use honorifics like -sama especially if he shows deep respect for the person, such as Sebek's father who is a dentist.

This table shows appellations for most characters who have made appearances in the main story and other Events or personal stories.

Character Trey addresses them as Trey is addressed as
1st Year Students
Yuu (Protagonist) Prefect (監督生 Kantokusei)
You (キミ Kimi)
Grim Grim (グリム Gurimu) Trey (トレイ Torei)
You (オマエ Omae)
Ace Trappola Ace (エース Ēsu)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
You (アンタ Anta)
Deuce Spade Deuce (デュース Dyūsu) Clover-sempai (クローバー先輩 Kurōbā sempai)
Jack Howl Jack (ジャック Jakku)
You (お前 Omae)
He (あいつ Aitsu)[1]
Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
Epel Felmier Epel (エペル Eperu)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-san (トレイサン Torei san)
Sebek Zigvolt Sebek (セベク Sebeku)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
You (貴殿 Kiden)[2]
2nd Year Students
Riddle Rosehearts Riddle (リドル Ridoru)
Dorm Leader Riddle (リドル寮長 Ridoru ryōchō)
Dorm Leader (寮長 Ryōchō)
You (お前 Omae)
You (君 Kimi)[3]
He (あいつ Aitsu)
Trey (トレイ Torei)
You (キミ Kimi)
Ruggie Bucchi Ruggie (ラギー Ragī)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-san (トレイさん Torei san)
Azul Ashengrotto Azul (アズール Azūru)
He (彼 Kare)[1]
Trey-san (トレイさん Torei san)
Jade Leech Jade (ジェイド Jeido)
You (お前 Omae)[4]
You (君 Kimi)[5]
Trey-san (トレイさん Torei san)
You (貴方 Anata)
Floyd Leech Floyd (フロイド Furoido) Sea turtle-kun (ウミガメくん Umigame kun)
Kalim Al-Asim Kalim (カリム Karimu)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey (トレイ Torei)
Jamil Viper Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (君 Kimi)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
You (貴方 Anata)
3rd year Students
Trey Clover I (俺 Ore) N/A
Cater Diamond Cater (ケイト Keito)
You (お前 Omae)
He (あいつ Aitsu)
Trey-kun (トレイくん Torei kun)
Trey (トレイ Torei)[6]
You (お前 Omae)
Leona Kingscholar Leona (レオナ Reona)
Vil Schoenheit Vil (ヴィル Viru)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey (トレイ Torei)
You (アンタ Anta)
Rook Hunt Rook (ルーク Rūku)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-kun (トレイくん Torei kun)
You (キミ Kimi)
Rose Chevalier (薔薇の騎士 Bara no shuvarie)
He (あいつ Aitsu)
Idia Shroud Idia (イデア Idea)
You (お前 Omae)
Trey-shi (トレイ氏 Torei shi)
Malleus Draconia Malleus (マレウス Mareusu) Clover (クローバー Kurōbā)
Lilia Vanrouge Lilia (リリア Riria)
He (彼 Kare)[1]
Trey (トレイ Torei)
The Glasses (そこの眼鏡 Soko no megane)[7]
Night Raven College Staff
Dire Crowley Headmaster (学園長 Gakuenchō) Clover-kun (クローバーくん Kurōbā kun)
Divus Crewel Prof (先生 Sensei)[8] Clover (クローバー Kurōbā)
Ashton Vargas Vargas (バルガス Barugasu)[9] Clover (クローバー Kurōbā)
You (お前 Omae)
Ortho Shroud Ortho (オルト Oruto) Trey Clover-san (トレイ・クローバーさん Torei Kurōbā san)
Chenya Chenya (チェーニャ Chēnya)
He (あいつ Aitsu)[10]
Trey (トレイ Torei)
The Glasses (あの眼鏡 Ano megane)[11]
You (お前 Omae)
Najma Viper Najma-chan (ナジュマちゃん Najuma chan)
You (キミ Kimi)
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This table shows appellations for groups and minor characters, such as family members who only appeared in flashbacks, and other special names.

Character Trey addresses them as Trey is addressed as
Ace, Deuce, MC and Grim You guys (お前たち Omae tachi)
Deuce and Kalim You guys (お前たち Omae tachi)
Science Club members Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
Heartslabyul dorm members Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
Scarabia dorm members You guys (お前たち Omae tachi) Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
Sebek's father Sebek's Dad (セベクのお父さん Sebeku no Otō san)
Sebek's Father (セベクのお父様 Sebeku no Otō sama)[1]
Dominic, Gran & Snick You guys (君たち Kimi tachi)
  1. Said after Sebek spent some time talking about his father's profession in Episode 4 of the Endless Halloween Night story.

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