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Vil Schoenheit is a third-year student and the head of Pomefiore. He is gorgeous and eye-catching. He thinks he is the most beautiful and spares no effort for beauty.

(translated from the Japanese version by ame and daeva-agas)


Vil is a tall, beautiful man with shoulder-length blonde hair and violet eyes. His nails are painted indigo, and he occasionally wears his hair in an updo with an adorning golden crown, which depicts a dagger piercing a heart. This is the same emblem that appears on the box the Evil Queen had given to the Huntsman to store Snow White's heart in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The one thing differentiating Vil's outfit from the uniforms the other students of Pomefiore wear is the length. He wears a long, furisode-like indigo robe which drags on the floor, and has high slits in the sleeves. The inner fabric is red with a regal pattern displaying the Evil Queen's famed poison apple. An intricate golden design bearing the Pomefiore emblem is also printed on the right shoulder of his robe.

Beneath the slits of his sleeves, he wears a tighter, black long-sleeved garment. His sleeves form a pointed shape on the back of his hand and tie around his middle fingers.

He also wears tight black pants beneath his robe, as well as high-heeled black boots with golden linings.

The Archive book shows him from different angles and also explains that part of Vil's hair, for his school uniform, is put in a loose braid and is held together with a barrette that is shaped like a heart with a sword going through it.


Just like the queen of Snow White, Vil is very fixated and obsessed with maintaining a beautiful appearance. He acts and behaves in a regal-like mannerism and is very much like a neat freak. He also has a form of disdain for people who are neglectful of their appearance. Vil dislikes the idea of wishing for something to present itself, as he only believes that true hard work can lead one to their goals.[1]

Skills and Magic

Vil is physically strong as there are some dumbbells in his room. According to Epel, Vil grabbing his head feels so painful that he likens it to it being crushed like an apple.[2]

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Based on Idia and Ortho Shroud's analysis at S.T.Y.X laboratory, despite never receiving prior magical education before entering Night Raven College, Vil’s magic reserves, manifestation speed, and magic power numbers are on the high side of the charts. He doesn't have a particular specialty but he’s neither weak on attack nor defense.

Vil has a stable body and mind. Thus, his stress load did not increase his blot much. According to Idia, this makes him fit to be a tank in an MMORPG where his calm judgement is able to guide the party. His Unique Magic “Fairest One of All” is said to be a debuff-type ability and with his large magic reserve, he can keep it up for a long time which is another plus for his magical capabilities.

Unique Magic

His unique magic is called "Fairest One of All" (美しき華の毒(フェアレスト・ワン・オブ・オール), Fearesuto Wan Obu Ōru; lit. "Poison of the beautiful flower"). He can apply a curse on anything he touches which activate after the conditions he set are fulfilled. Vil himself is unable to remove the curses he set unless their conditions are met.[3]


  • Vil's name is speculated to come from the English word "villain," or "evil" from the villain he was based on, The Evil Queen.
  • "Schönheit" means "beauty" in German, which may be a reference to the tale of Snow White being of German origin.
  • Vil has 5 million followers on MagiCam, the social media of Twisted Wonderland.[4]
  • He works as a professional actor as well as a model.[4]
  • He needed to create the strongest poison in order to become Pomefiore’s dormitory leader.[5]
  • Vil uses Atashi (アタシ) which is a gender-neutral first-person pronoun often used by women.
  • According to Rook, Vil wears 13-centimeter heels, which would imply his regular standing height is 196cm.[2][6]


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