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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by j-mee.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday
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Pomefiore Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC School Newspaper Special Feature

Birthday Boy Interview ~Vil Edition~

Happy Birthday!
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
Ara, I see you came as well. Thank you.
"Tell us which of the presents you received was the most memorable."
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
Let's see... I'd say Rook's had the most impact.

Since entering this school, Rook's given me a present every year.

While I do appreciate it, each year he goes and does something even more extra than the last...

This time he presented me with a bunch of poems he wrote praising how beautiful I am. 100 of them!

Reading them all is going to be quite the ordeal. By the time I've finished my birthday will almost be over.

Well, for better or worse it's just the kind of present he would give.

"Did your family do something to celebrate your birthday, too?"
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
My father did. He sent me a birthday card and some cosmetics.
"What did the card say?"
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
He wished me a happy birthday and wrote a few other things.

Like... "Congratulations on becoming an ambassador for Ténèbres![1]", meaning the shoe brand.

The color of the lipstick he sent with it is the same color as their latest heels. He must have made sure they matched.

I hadn't even told him about getting the offer yet... But knowing him, he must have heard about it somewhere.

He's always thinking of me like that. Even though he's always so busy...

He really likes to dote on me.

  1. ténèbres, which means darkness in French, is the shoes brand that comes up in other stories with Octavinelle

Bg 15116.png
Pomefiore Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Is there anything you're especially good at?"
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
Hehehe... Do you really want to know?

It's potions. Out of all of them... I'd say I'm the most confident when it comes to poisons.

Have you heard? Pomefiore's leader is decided by which of its students is best at making poisons.

Which means now that would be myself. I suppose it's because I'd already started learning how to make potions before entering this school.

"Why potions?"
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
For my skin and lips... During my search for the best skincare to enhance my beauty, I wasn't satisfied with any of the ones sold in stores...

So for a long time I'd already been making my own.

When trying to find what was most effective, I realized that making cosmetics was similar to making potions, and decided to take it up.

Even now to find what's the most effective, I keep adjusting the formula to find what does and doesn't work.

Every now and then some brand who's heard a rumour will approach me about manufacturing a line of them...

But I've refused them all. Someday I plan on starting my own brand, so I refuse to sell them off for cheap.

"I can see how much you care about skincare. Is there anything else you're particular about?"
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
There are a lot, but... I try not to eat any mayonnaise if I can help it.

When I was younger I'd put it on top of my salad and eat it almost every day, but then it caused my skin to break out with three huge pimples.

They were sore to the touch and got in the way of my modelling shoot... Mayonnaise just doesn't go well with my skin it seems. It was an unprofessional blunder on my part.

In any case, I don't hate the taste of it, so I’ll eat it if it’s served to me.

But whenever I have it I always remember what happened before and can't enjoy the way it tastes anymore. It's quite a shame.

Bg 15116.png
Pomefiore Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Tell us about the Film Research Club you belong to."
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
I'm the one that started it. I formed it when I was a first year student... so I suppose it's been active for two years now.

Currently it has ten members. Most of them are from Pomefiore, but there are members from some of the other dormitories as well.

I started it so my acting wouldn't get rusty.

Right now I'm not taking any offers for roles that require me to be off shooting for long periods of time and stick to modelling jobs that allow me to still keep up with my schoolwork.

I made the decision to completely focus on my studies while I'm here.

But after I graduate I'll begin accepting acting work again, and the Film Research Club has been a part of that plan.

"Can anyone join?"
Story Vil Birthday.png
Story Vil Birthday.png
There aren't any specific rules against joining, but those who want to act have to pass an audition beforehand.

If they don't pass, they can join and help behind the scenes.

But at this school there are many who are dissatisfied with that.

Because of that besides the actors we're usually shorthanded, which is a quite a problem. I single-handedly take care of the special effects and make-up but...

Even then we often don't have enough hands, so I'll ask Epel, Rook, and other Pomefiore students to come and help out.

Sometimes I'll ask students from other dormitories for their help as well. Like when we want to do an aerial scene I'll ask Kalim to borrow his magic flying carpet...

Other times I offer to pay the guys in the sports clubs that think they're tough enough to come and help build stage props.

But seeing what kind of work the staff behind the scenes do has been quite beneficial.

For example, how well you know your side stage directions or not...

Can make a big difference in what kind of burden you put on the staff there when you exit the stage.

It'll be a useful experience when I'm ready to take center stage again. At first I started this club to hone my acting skills...

Not realizing I'd learn this much from it, too. I'm glad I decided to form the Film Research Club.

Ara... You look like you're more interested in the club now. Would you like to join?

But remember, if you want to act, I won't go easy on you.

"I'll think about it. And again, happy birthday."
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