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General Policies

  • Please check your information and make sure it's 100% accurate! Any incorrect or information that isn't confirmed by the official twitter or another official source will be deleted.
    • This includes counterparts, and any theories or headcanons that you have.
  • Please use proper grammar and complete sentences. This is very important! We would like to make this Wiki as easy to read and clean as possible!
  • If you are using trivia from certain stories, please cite them accordingly.
    • That being said, please do not dump every bit of story info into a character's Trivia section on their page. You can create new sections or integrate the info into existing sections.
  • Please keep information to their respective categories.
  • No leaks
  • Discussions regarding the wiki's content and translations are largely done on our discord server. If you're interested to join our team, please join the server!
  • It isn't mandatory, but you are encouraged to create an account before you make any edits here because your IP address is recorded under your edits if you edit as an anonymous user.
  • No paid content directly on the wiki, you can reference it in citations but no reuploading.
  • No merchandise on the wiki, there's too much and most of it is ingame art repeated on different merch.

Fan Translation Policy

  • All fan translations must be credited, additionally if you are not the translator you must ask the translator for permission to add their translation to the wiki.
  • Do not edit any fan translation on this wiki without prior permission from the translator. We understand that there can be some inconsistencies in translations, but please at least ask the translators credited for each translation before making your edits.
    • We will revert changes that have not been vetted by the translators in advance unless they are: untranslated lines and/or typos.

Violation Policy

Any violations of these policies will result in a warning from moderators and may result in a ban if repeated

  • ban lengths will vary depending on the severity of the violation

Uploading Files Policy

  • Please name files, don't just leave the file name as random numbers or screenshot123
  • Certain images or audio files need to follow the formats listed below to show up in certain templates
Specific Naming Formats
Category Description Format
Category:Card Images Card images used in Template:Card Card [Character First Name] [Rarity] [Card Name].png

Eg. Card Riddle SSR Dorm Uniform.png

Category:Character icons Icons used in Template:Card Link & Card Link2 Icon [Character First Name] [Rarity] [Card Name].png

Eg. Icon Riddle SSR Dorm Uniform.png

Category:Inventory icons Item images used in Template:Item Item [Item Name] Icon.png

Eg. Item Madol.png

Category:Story Background Images Background images used in Main Story, Personal Stories, and Event Stories Bg [Number].png

Eg. Bg 10101.png

Category:Story Character Images Images used in the Stories for Template:Story Character Story [Character First Name] [1 word from Card Name].png

Eg. Story Trey & Malleus Silk.png

General Categories
Category Description
Category:[Character Name] images Images of each character
Category:[Character Name] Voice Lines Character Voice Line Audio Files, see this sheet for more details about uploading and recording voice line files
Category: User Images Images that are only used for User pages (i.e. not on articles in the Wiki). For housekeeping purposes, please categorise any image you want to use to personalise your User page here. Do not upload images without permission from the copyright holder. Do not use images in this category anywhere else on the Wiki.